Today we visit a triplex in the region of Paris arranged by Adrea Mosca. The reason for our visit: we wanted to explore some original solutions that made it possible to transform a rather dark room into a modern, bright and very comfortable apartment.

You will see throughout the post, many examples of shelves created under the stairs, perfect spaces to store books, souvenirs, boxes…

A summer centrepiece of the decor is the wooden staircase library, which also bears the name of the entire residence: bookshelf house (house library).

Wooden bookshelf, a modern staircase in Paris
The custom solid wood bookcase is housed in a design triplex in the Paris Region

The wooden library in question is measured from beyond open shelves of light wood. This furniture, located in the heart of the Residence, affects the materials used, the geometry and the existing connections between the various habitable areas

The storage of books and a part of library wood with open storage serve as furniture to separate the rooms.

The presence of this magnificent piece of furniture is underlined by a wall covered with mirrors, which takes up the image of the wooden library and reflects it where it is not. directly visible. This ingenious idea of the decorator also serves to enlarge the visible area of the residence and to introduce more natural light.

Interior decoration with mirrors optically increases the surface of the Residence
The arrangement of the white kitchen and wood is organized around a small island central and dining table in neutral clay

The wood species chosen for the library is used elsewhere in the Triplex and especially in the kitchen amé floats in white and wood. There is a central island with a white worktop and a wooden cladding that occupies the shades of the bookshelf in the form of a staircase.

The decoration of the modern kitchen is decorated with low wooden furniture and a worktop in white.
On the other side of the island there are kitchen furniture whose facades are made of the same material.

The Parisian apartment has a decoration influenced by the minimalist style and Nordic design.

Wooden bookshelf, a modern staircase in Paris

In short, We quickly understand that it is precisely the staircase library that dictated the choice of the rest of the materials and colors in the decor of the residence. This solution has led to a simple and cosy atmosphere, inspired by minimalist design and Scandinavian decoration.

Wooden bookshelf, a modern staircase in Paris

The wooden staircase bookshelf stands out thanks to the white colour of the interior.
In addition to a considerable number of printing units to protect The wooden shelf also functions as a practical room furniture. Of course, this is a function that is often entrusted to this type of storage cabinet. The beauty of the solution used by the Adrea Mosca team does not lie in the invention of this solution, but in its modern interpretation.

Part of the library staircase works as a “space-saving” storage solution for books and as modern room furniture.
Clear shelving, one part of which is designed as open storage, plays the role of a fine and graceful separation between the various areas of the interior, without the visual contact between them never completely obstruct or prevent circulation light in the apartment. This is undoubtedly the source of charm of the beautiful residence in the library.

The custom-made wooden bookshelf extends over several shelves of modern triplex in the Paris region

If you are still designing your house or are considering renovation, the best solution is to make the shelves together with the stairs directly from the site. Look at the next loft and discover how they have created a great bookshelf under the stairwell.

We can give infinite uses to the dead spaces that we have under the stairs of our homes, one of the best tricks is to add some shelves and turn it into a storage space.

If you have a small study and you need to make room to have a work table, look at the following image and take note.

When the stairs are 60cm wide, you can, as in this image, take advantage of all the space. To make it more comfortable, try not to put shelves close together, leave at least 50cm between them. In this way you get an image of unity, where everything makes sense.


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