The wooden plant pot is always a decorative and practical element that is considered very pretty. Wood, with its natural side, is an absolute classic both indoors and out. It is perfect for a modern design. Do you have a small balcony? The balcony box (also called Jardiniere) is ideal for flower lovers with a small outdoor area. It is a real winner! Discover our inspiring selection of fifty ideas from wooden flower boxes. If you want to tinker with your own, it’s not very difficult!


Wooden balcony for beautiful flowers

White and yellow balcony box

Wooden balcony for beautiful flowers

Wooden planters a great decoration idea for the garden! The pallet planter box it’s not varnished yet because I believe it looks amazing like this! If you have any suggestions on the varnish please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Simple wooden planter box using basic tools and materials. I used pallet wood, glue and screws to make this pallet planter box. Now I’m waiting for the plants to grow a little bit to start trimming them.

You will find several DIY ideas online. In general, you need three to four basic elements to get there. First select the wood you want to work on. Then prepare the boards (or pallets), cut into studs, shape the bottom and sides. Finally, all you have to do is decorate your gardener.

Wooden balcony for beautiful flowers

It is free to cultivate these wonderful creations of nature: Plants! Get the basic tools: drilling (about 30 euros), tape measure (4 euros), screwdriver and screw. The jigsaw, wood file and other tools are optional. It all depends on the type of wood and the expected results! If you are afraid of doing woodwork, you can always buy a balcony at a good price. The shops offer a wide range of material and design options.

Hanging wooden box

Balcony plant pots ideas.
These Patio and Balcony planter ideas are to show you how to choose right planters as growing a garden on a small patio or balcony is rather difficult due to lack of space.
The effect of the planters in a garden can be bewitching if you choose them according to the surroundings and the plants you’re growing in them. Whether you use ceramic planters, wooden, metal or plastic, the main thing is that the plants planted in them should not only look beautiful but also get the right conditions for growth.



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