Play better – How the Wobbel Board is used by us, why it is just right for interior fans and how you can save 15% on your order…
It was the highlight under the Christmas tree: The Wobbel Board! Although the wild Hilde had never seen it before, she was unbelievably curious and immediately started playing with it – just like children are. Quite fast it was clear that the Wobbel Board can do a lot and both the wild Hilde and we, can hardly leave the fingers (or better the feet) of the shapely Balance Board since then.

In contrast to the intuitive play instinct of children, adults often find it hard to imagine what they can do with the wooden board for the first time.
So today I write a few lines for you, how we use the Wobbel Board at home, how much fun it brings us all and how you can save 15% discount on your Wobbel Board order in the nice online shop of kyddo.


The Wobbel Board is primarily used by us as a movement toy. Especially now in the cold season the wild Hilde can’t let off steam outside as much as usual. How great that we can now move the Wobbel Board a bit to the inside. The Wobbel Board is originally designed as a balance board – i.e. you sit or stand on it and keep your balance by bouncing back and forth. It’s not only fun, it’s also a lot of muscle.

Often the Wobbel Board is snapped and with our help placed on the sofa and used as a slide. The cave underneath is also great for hiding or as a crawl tunnel – the possibilities are simply unlimited and children always come up with something new here! Together with friends the board can also be used as a rocker.

I can only recommend the Wobbel Cards to anyone who is still looking for exercise suggestions. Simply print it out for free, cut it out and imitate your favourite exercises. The wild Hilde is very enthusiastic about the beautifully illustrated cards and loves to imitate the exercises.


Role-playing games are very popular with us at the moment and the Wobbel Board is often integrated into them, whether as a ship or a flying carpet – the Wobbel Board has already experienced a number of adventures with us!

But also cuddly toys & dolls are often allowed to make themselves comfortable in the Wobbel Board and are either dazed and weighed into sleep or are allowed to romp or receive a lesson on how best to do gymnastics on the board.

But of course it can also be included in the game with your favourite cars and the wooden railway!


That you can do really wild things with the Wobbel Board, we have already found out. But it’s actually quite quiet. Then different skins, pillows and blankets are fetched and made comfortable in the Wobbel Board. Whether to read, listen to a radio play or just relax a little – the gentle swaying makes it unbelievably relaxing.

Making a curvy balance board – Daddy Project

This is how I made a Waldorf style curvy balance board for my daughter. It’s a great motor skills development tool/toy for kids to help improve both physical as well as cognitive development. I used 1/2 a sheet of 1/8″ thick utility grade plywood and wood glue for the main board and finished it with Darbin Orvar’s beeswax polish. Maybe this will give you an idea of something you might want to make for your kiddo!

Wobbel balance board: a few moves

We asked ourselves the question: Which balance board suits us and our child?
Children love the seesaw boards – but the market now has a lot of wooden boards to offer. When our daughter wanted a balance board for her birthday, I was initially overwhelmed. I did a lot of research, but I was still torn.
The wobble original and the board from TicToys are the best known and most popular.


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