What to do with wooden pallets? Making a beautiful piece of furniture in coloured wooden pallets is not as difficult as you think.

You just have to be creative. Here are some ideas for decoration and design to show you how to make furniture in pallets. More and more people are buying wooden pallets simply because it’s fashionable, but others can do wonderful things with them. They can use simple wooden pallets in ways other than coffee table, bar for the kitchen, sofa and sofa or desk or wall shelf. We will give you some examples of how wooden pallets can be used to make furniture for the home. Choose yours!

What do you do with wooden pallets? Ideas Deco and Design

Never enough room for things in the kitchen? Try a shelf in wooden pallets:
Lack of space in your wardrobe? The wooden pallet is ideal for storing your shoes and accessories. It also takes up very little space in your entrance or bedroom.

Wooden pallet for your changing room

The wooden pallets are ideal for the production of storage furniture in various shapes and sizes.
This beautiful attic is handy made of recovered wooden pallets. With a little perseverance it is very easy to realize it.

The wooden pallets are ideal for making shelves.
It is even easier to make shelves in wooden pallets. You can also paint them in different shades depending on the style of your interior.

Pallets as coffee table
If you want to be different from your neighbours, you can, for example, make a table in pallets for the garden. You can do that yourself by equipping two wooden pallets with four wheels, and that’s it!

Another thing you can do is to use two pallets as tops and two others as table legs. The table can be small or large, everything depends on your free space, and here your coffee table is ready.

Wooden pallets for the garden
If you have white paint and a few hanging wooden pallets, you can turn them into a modern coffee table or garden table. Recycled wood always retains its beauty, and you can turn it into a table of modern design.

For some decoration it puts things together to get something we can’t do anywhere else. A wooden pallet table with a worm on top is exactly the piece of furniture you can’t find anywhere else.

If it looks too good to be true, you can safely say it’s made of wood tablets. It’s just that it’s very well sanded and well covered with paint.

Bring colour into your living room with a washbasin like this:
If you have a small bedroom, you can make a smaller bed with pallets. And your small bedroom becomes the design of a shot

Or maybe you need a bed for your kid? Do it as Lori Danelle, who has turned some pallets into bed for her child. The instructions can be found on her website if you need help.

Use your creativity to make a nice bed in pallets

To make a bed, you need more wooden pallets. Stack your pallets, give them a few strokes, add some nice cushions and you have a unique, cheap bed that you can put on the outside or inside.

The pallet of wood can also be used as a platform. Take a few shelves, put them on top of each other and you have a platform for the bed and also a storage space. You still need to choose a comfortable mattress and beautiful sheets.


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