The months of spring and summer are traditionally chosen by many couples for their wedding ceremonies. If you have friends who organize such an event this year, you would need a spring or summer wedding outfit.

At the beginning of the season we decided to explore the ideas of wedding guests. We present below our special selection, along with some basic principles for choosing a wedding outfit and avoid faux pas.

Wedding Invitation Dress – Our heart chooses for the Spring Summer Season

One of your best friends is organizing her wedding this summer and you have just received the invitation for this happy event? The moment is the choice of a guest wedding dress! Only then, before you go shopping, should you know some principles to choose the ideal wedding dress.

What colour is a wedding dress for spring and summer? Summer

If there is a guest wedding dress color that is almost absolutely banishable, this is white. The flawless color reserved for the wedding dress, we avoid stealing the role of the star by selecting a wedding dress in that color

How to Wear Bright Colors on a Party in Spring or Summer
The rose is ideal for a formal wedding outfit for spring and summer, adopt this dress with medium sleeves by Zara

Yes, but spring and summer are seasons when you usually wear bright colors. How do you avoid white while staying in a palette of spring or summer tones?
There are two possible solutions to this problem. The first would be to bet on a guest wedding dress of light shade with floral pattern. Whether printed in light or vibrant tones, you have a seasonal look that is perfect for a party.
Elegant and elegant, this sleeveless short-sleeved outfit presents itself in metallic shades from H & M!

The second option would be to choose a guest wedding outfit in pastel shades. It would be a good way to stay in the colour palette of the season and follow the latest trends in wedding ceremony.

Can we wear a black dress? at a wedding or wedding reception
You don’t have time for shopping right now and are counting on your little black dress? No problem! Short or long, the black dress is no longer banned from parties and wedding ceremonies. It makes your figure more feminine and elegant and you feel good! What’s best for your best friend’s special day?

If you choose a black outfit, don’t hesitate to add a few bright or light accents. In short, enjoy the accessories you have in your wardrobe to give your outfit a little pizzazz!

The different models of the black dress are adapted to different situations. So a romantic wedding is the perfect backdrop for a dark dress with lace.

For an official celebration you’d rather bet on dark outfits and clean silhouettes.


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