Ideal original decoration for wedding decorations are essential for an unforgettable holiday! It is a unique moment in the life of every couple. Men and women have different wishes for the decoration of marriage.

Here are some suggestions that combine traditional and modern elements to decorate the festive table that are appealing to most couples. For festive occasions, cool colors are preferred. Blue and yellow are a perfect combination for dec centerpiece wedding.
Wedding Heart – Original Decoration Ideas
Cool colors like green and red are preferred real for dec heart wedding
Beige, pink, white and light purple are rather neutral pastel colours that arouse the feeling of romance.
The contrast between light and dark tones attracts attention and creates a dynamic atmosphere. On the other hand, beige, pink, white and light violet are more neutral pastel shades that evoke a sense of romance.

An idea, an original decoration piece wedding decides fruit. decorative candles are often used in the design of wedding decorations. This is the case because they symbolize the fire of love between people who get married. The friendly feeling that candles shine is also a nice compliment on the feast day .

Sometimes candles are installed on sumptuous and imposing classic candle holders. They can be arranged on the wedding centerpiece in various ways. Sometimes the candles are placed on magnificent and imposing classic candle holders.

The flowers are indispensable for the original decoration for your special day of celebration.

Sometimes candles are placed in a round vase full of water and float on the surface. We can also put them directly on the chic blanket. The effect is always wonderful!

This beautiful cake is a decorative table evil

The flowers are indispensable for decoc Original for your special day of celebration. They create an atmosphere full of joy. Their natural charm and bright tones celebrate love!

The rose symbolizes the intimate and sincere relationship between new brides. Roses are the predictable yet ideal choice for wedding items. This flower symbolizes the intimate and sincere relationship between new brides. The Fleur-de-lis, Camelia, Daisy are also perfect options to decorate your wedding table.

Round vase full of crystals and some delicate roses is dec centerpiece unique weddingThe branches and leaves of the flowers are original and contemporary accessories to complete the Dec Center table. They are usually scattered between vases and candles.

All types of flowers are suitable for this idea. Nowadays crystals are more and more simply scattered on the table. Crystals are delicate accessories. They are mostly translucent or light pink for festive occasions like marriage. Their romantic tenderness is always appreciated by the visitors!


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