Wearing interesting jewelry during his wedding is a great way to lend his hairstyle more originality to bride. In the form of a crown, a comb, a necklace or a vine, the wedding hair jewellery pictures we have put together in this gallery will give you ideas for creating an exceptional bridal hairstyle.

A very popular wedding hairstyle is to tie his hair with an interesting accessory behind the skull. This is the first category of hairstyles idea with wedding hair accessories that we will investigate today. Choose this type of hairstyle if you dream of a romantic wedding day and if you have dressed this theme for your holiday decor.

Wedding Hair Decor: 35 Models Of Jewelry For Bridal Hair

Wedding Hair Decorations – Our Choice For A Breathtaking Bridal Look
Wedding hairdo accessories for hair tied behind the skull
This idea allows you to create a romantic hairstyle, but also to bring order to your Criniere rebels. So you can enjoy more comfort on your special day and look impeccable on your photos!

Bijou hairstyle wedding: A tendril for a messy plait and hair semifree

To give this hairstyle a special look, choose a hair ornament wedding tendril-shaped or comb. Pay special attention to its decoration. Metallic crystals, pearls and ornaments are among the trend options of the moment.

Wedding dress in wedding style with vine shaped wedding jewel with flowers

You will wear your hair partially tied: it is therefore the ideal opportunity to beautify your bridal hairstyle with a jewel of choice!

In fact, wedding hairstyles of this kind draw attention to the wedding hair ornaments you have chosen. You have the ability to turn an otherwise simple and light hairstyle into a sophisticated addition to your dress and makeup.

Hairstyle for Bridal and Gem Hair
The wedding hairstyle with partly attached hair should of course be very feminine. It fits perfectly to a natural, Bohemian and Moroccan style wedding dress. And it is also suitable for outdoor parties or in a party hall!

Wedding Hairdressing and Bridal Hairdo Idea With KnotsWhen it is a wedding hairdo that remains unsurpassed and extremely popular at all times, this is the bun. The bridal roll comes in a thousand different styles: braided, high, low, casual or formal. All these bridal bun options can be accompanied by a wedding hair ornament.

Idea wedding bun and simple bridal hairstyle with crown
This hairstyle is chosen not only for its elegance, but also for the comfort it offers the bride throughout the day. Whether you have decided to celebrate your special day inside or outside, you can wear a roll for an exceptional look during the ceremony and in the evening. the feast.

Crown for wedding hair and low rolls with waves
The bread roll is considered the perfect hairstyle for a wedding celebration during the hot days of spring and summer. Combine it with a shiny comb or jewel to match your wedding dress.


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