I’m sure you’ve already realized that we are big table color fans in the creative fever team. Now there’s something completely new: Tablecloth! We are big fans and will show you today how to sew a super practical tablecloth silo!

Tablecloth Utensilo – an organiser for the office or hallway
DIY Utensilo made of blackboard fabric for the office or hallway – fabric for chalk lettering – DIY Tutorial

When I first saw the Halbach tablecloth, I immediately had to think of my ingenious jute bag system in the hallway! A utensil silo would be the perfect (and much prettier) replacement for my borrowed thing management. So far I’ve just stuffed all the things I need to take back to someone (books, CDs, etc.) or mail and sorted out bits and pieces I want to give away into jute bags and hung them on the door handle. It works great, because that way all the stuff really comes out of the house when I walk through the door. But just when I haven’t seen someone for a while it got confusing. So now I’ve used our nice cooperation with Halbach to sew a beautiful utensil made of tablecloth into which I have a crush. Looks great and looks much neater than a Jutebeutelknäul. Only the “Maikehaufen” remains – we always carry so much back and forth that it doesn’t fit into any utensil with the best will in the world. A second utensil for the office (pens and co.) is already being planned.

And if you’re curious now: You’ll find even more cool ideas made of table cloth (and also sources of supply) here on the Halbachblog! I only say garland fun!!! And just for your information: Chalk can easily be wiped from the fabric with a damp cloth and you can cut it to size, sew it and even wash it by hand if necessary! The cut edges stay smooth, but you can rub them up a bit by hand, that looks nice too. Oh yes, and it’s also available as an adhesive foil! But now it’s time to start with the instructions…

Utensilo made of tablecloth – what you need
The table cloth is available in different widths. For my Utensilo I simply cut and arranged different pieces of different widths. Of course you can cut everything out of one piece.

Some pieces of table cloth
The base: approx. 50 x 70 centimetres
Large bag: approx. 45 x 25 cm
Medium bag: approx. 12 x 20 cm
Small bags: approx. 6 x 12 cm (2x)
scissors / ruler / pins
A hollow bamboo cane (50 cm)
One piece of rope (120cm)
Sewing machine and thread
How it’s done – Utensilo made of table fabric
Sewing the base
For my Utensilo I cut out a 50 x 70 cm piece as a base. At the upper edge I folded 5 cm to the back (your utensil gets the size 50 x 65) and stitched it. For quilting I used a colorful yarn and a decorative stitch as a small decorative element. Later you can lead your bamboo cane through the resulting tube.

Topstitching bags
The next step is quite simple. Cut out all the pockets you want and put them on the utensil. So you can check the arrangement again. I have indicated with the material which pocket size I have used, you can of course adapt these completely as required. Then stitch the bags on both sides and on the bottom.

Suspend the Utensilo
Simply insert a bamboo tube through the sewn hose and insert a rope to hang it up. Tie the rope and hide the knot in the tube. Then you can hang the Utensilo on one or two nails or on a screw. Make sure that you find a suitable suspension for your walls. Depending on what you put into the Utensilo it can be quite difficult!

Then all you need is the fun part – label it! I always simply wipe the texts with a damp cloth – that’s the easiest way.

Have fun with the rebuilding,



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