Although the ceiling is about the elements that are not the focus of your first acquaintance with the house, it affects the freedom of the room and the feeling of a room that is very important for the comfort of the room. For this reason, designers pay attention to the ceiling and try to make them visually longer.

Coating glass

One of the best ways to visually raise the ceiling is multi-level lighting. You can also use the walls to make a different wall-mounted lamp to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Furniture selection

Often the furniture is chosen, taking into account the functionality, not the appearance. Due to the expansion of the space between the ceiling and the ceiling, low furniture models were created for the highest ceiling rooms. As a result of such a situation, the rooms are wider and more literary.

Floor to ceiling glass walls

Because glass mirrors reflect objects, floor or ceiling walls or large windows cause the room to enter maximum sunlight and the area becomes larger.

Vertical stripes on the walls

The horizontal strips on the walls also show the room longer. It can be striped wallpapers and ordinary striped wall paint.

Bright color

Bright colors are rarely used for wall and ceiling painting, but can make the room visually larger.

Pictures next to the ceiling

It is possible to get perfect results by hanging pictures near the ceiling. The distance between the floor and the ceiling will be wider because the walls will then appear longer.

Paint ceiling in clearer colors than walls

If you paint the ceiling in lighter colors, the illusion of a wide and wide area arises. At this time, a good tail is a dark colored tile.

Long curtains always emphasize the height of the walls. Even if the windows are small, the curtains up to the ceiling will create the illusion of the ceiling.

Turn off the chandeliers

Chandeliers are specially designed for high ceilings to reduce the distance between the ceiling and the ceiling. For this reason, it is best to use the wall-mounted lamps in low-walled rooms.

Heavy shelves

Long stools and poles will help to visually expand the room.

Tall accessories

Candlesticks, torches, flowers all high decorative elements will be incredibly useful to create the illusion of altitude.

Bright carpet

If you don’t have a high ceiling impression, you should focus your attention on the floor with the help of a bright, beautiful carpet.


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