More and more modern and minimalist decoration products stand out every day. This year, the brand new and different home decoration products were offered to those who want to renew their home. Creative and interesting designs for the 2019 modern hall decoration stand out. Especially the blending of retro and modern designs are popular home decoration ideas of this year.

Modern design furniture

Those who want to innovate in different parts of the house such as living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and who want to change their atmosphere with more modern touches; they can start with the furniture. You can start changing by changing the surfaces of your furniture or by buying new modern design furniture.

Walls and The Floor

Again, you can give up your old wallpapers, choose more modern wallpapers and paint your walls in brighter tones. Again, be more selective in the decorative wall accessories used and choose from the most original designs. In the floor covering; You can take advantage of new flooring ideas with tiled floors, colorful floor stones, and similar modern look.

Bohemian, Vintage, and Feng Shui

Nowadays, when the concept of decoration varies greatly, bohemian and vintage style salon accessories, custom design furniture and decorative objects are offered to the buyers. You can create an extremely warm atmosphere in your home by blending modern decoration products with vintage.

In the use of decorative products; other furniture, curtains, and ornamental items to choose from among the options that are useful. In this way, you can have a perfect fit in your modern home decoration.

Home decorations made according to Feng Shui philosophy have been very popular in recent years. One of the details that the interior architects pay particular attention to in decoration; the location of the furniture and the colors are in accordance with Feng Shui. Famous examples of these decorations are often encountered in homes. To complete your home balance, peace, and integrity, you can also choose and place furniture according to Feng Shui home design tips.

Especially in the bedrooms and halls, according to this philosophy, decorations are given. Again, we can say that mostly Feng Shui philosophy is used in kitchen design. If you are wondering how to make the home decoration according to the Feng Shui philosophy as one of the energizing methods, consider the following tips.

  • Doors in the house must be closed
  • There should be a mirror near the dining table
  • Number of chairs should be double
  • Electronic equipment in the house should be placed in the northwest direction
  • The plant should be placed southeast of the living room
  • The entrance of the house should not be against stairs, doors, mirrors
  • Images should be placed on the wall with positive energy
  • Select accessories to represent the five elements in nature

Feng Shui philosophy protects from the bad energy and adds positive energy to the environment.


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