The most beautiful, sustainable Advent calendars and I’ll tell you which little gifts we fill our Advent calendar with |
It’s that time of year again – the autumn has only just begun and you’re already thinking about the Advent season and especially the Advent calendar! To make your search this year easy, I not only show you the most beautiful Advent calendars for children from my favorite online shop kyddo, but also tell you what we fill our Advent calendar this year! So well prepared, the Advent season can come!
I am just absolutely thrilled by the advent calendar “In the Woods” and am very happy to be able to show it to you today. The cute advent calendar consists of 24 small, sewn fabric bags – so far nothing new. What’s new, however, is the wonderful idea of turning over the small fabric bags of the Advent calendar after emptying them.
Suddenly there is a small, sweet forest community of sweet animals like fox, hare and bear as well as small mountains, trees and clouds. So that the cute forest dwellers can be set up directly with us, I hang the Advent calendar this year over the old kitchen table of my great-grandmother. So the wild Hilde, all forest inhabitants of the Advent calendar can decorate directly beautifully! What a fabulous idea, isn’t it?
My vintage picture frame, which I once saved from bulky waste in Frankfurt, is finally being used again for attaching the small bags. Simply wrap the included cord around the frame a few times and fasten it with the enclosed wooden clothes pegs. Sometimes it can be that simple.
The bags of the Advent calendar are made of 100% organic cotton – a nice feeling, as with all products in the sustainable online concept store kyddo. And of course you can reuse and refill it every year! It couldn’t be better!



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