Are you getting married soon and thinking about the color options for your wedding dress? White is, of course, the most widely used solution that has become classic today.
In fact, this wedding dress color was introduced not so long ago. According to historians, modern culture owes this colour to the wedding attire of Queen Victoria of England, who wore it during her wedding in 1840. In other words, the white wedding dress is a concept that has existed for almost two centuries! Today we think that white is a color that is associated with purity, but actually.
The blue wedding dress for those who want to break with tradition is the blue wedding dress, which in the past symbolized purity and più For many centuries the blue color and the clothing in its shades was associated with the Virgin Mary. Suddenly the blue wedding dress was worn by young girls in Europe in the sign of their youth, loyalty and virginity. If you want to break with modern tradition and wear a very symbolic and elegant outfit, choose a blue wedding dress. Here is our selection of ideas for such an outfit.
With the blue wedding dress, we don’t risk a banal dress.
Among the color options for a feminine and elegant wedding dress, gold tones and pale pink are almost traditional options. This is especially true for the very light shades of these colours, which are almost comparable to white. But the blue wedding dress is another thing.
With a blue wedding dress you don’t risk a banal choice. And yet, thanks to its cool and chic color, we stay in an elegant and feminine register. Moreover, the nuances you can wear on a blue wedding dress are really numerous.
Navy blue, pastel shades, navy blue and dark blue … so many interesting possibilities that underline the bride’s personal style!
The blue wedding dress … for according to the old saying wear something blueAs I said, the blue wedding dress was popular before the white one. But there is also a reason to put on a blue wedding dress. She is motivated by an old English proverb that has become very popular today thanks to American films.
We all know that the bride must necessarily wear something old, something new, borrowed and blue. What if you dress your wedding dress with something blue?
Blue is not only a color associated with purity and youthfulness, but also the power to remove the bad eye. You have probably already seen one of these round amulets which are supposed to protect us from the bad eye. It is no coincidence that they are made of blue crystal!
Whether you believe in this magical power or not, you can rely on a blue wedding dress to give your wedding day a peaceful Zen touch. If you tend to stress a lot (and this is normal on your wedding day), choose blue tones and you may approach the quieter spirit.
The blue wedding dress is ideal for bringing the bride’s clothes into harmony with certain chastises. In the following we present some nuances of marriage.
A blue wedding dress for a summer party on the beach
The navy blue for a beach wedding or decorative beach The beach wedding is one of the most popular options for celebrity ceremonies in summer. © Summer. Its thematic decor is characterized by the use of typical tones of the landscape on the edge of the sea, so the sea blue wedding dress is an excellent solution for the occasion!
How to emphasize the maritime atmosphere of your wedding on the beach? An interesting idea would be to wear a wedding dress with a mermaid cut. Before you start buying such a model, make sure it calms you down. This is a mandatory condition for choosing a wedding dress on the beach, as indicated here.
The blue wedding dress with floral print for a boho chic wedding style
Another very trendy theme in recent years, boho-chic style wedding. The bohemian and hippie chic style is very much associated with colorful outfits. He also prefers the floral pattern and flower prints on the wedding dress. Why not prefer a blue wedding dress with floral print?
The idea of a wedding dress with floral prints seduces you, but you are not ready to go to an outfit in blue? In this case, we suggest a solution that combines the classic white color and floral print. A model of the white dress with flowers would be a great choice for a romantic theme wedding.


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