The blonde shadow sweep is a partial hair coloring technique that consists of clarifying the basic color of your hair by attacking certain wicks of the hair.
Even if you are blonde, the scan will energize your hair and beautify your appearance.
If you have frizzy hair, the effect is even more spectacular because everything looks more glamorous and natural at the same time. The coloring that partially or completely treats the whole hair will make the hair a little bit dull, so if you have curly hair, the curls will cover a little bit the rubbed tips.
Sweeping blond shadow to be fabulous and topical
Sweeping blond shadow on a girl’s long hair
Sweeping on hair châtain long to have reflections blonde ashes
The Flying Shadow Blonde enables you to have fabulous hair with the reflections of the sun, full of flash all natural, having a natural effect.
Sweeping blonde shadows of other kind to long hair
Ash blonde or blonde at all, hair with natural golden shine are the hairs that all denser and men have dreamed of stroking with their fingers at least once in their lives. According to Western literature, female beauty is only typical if the woman is blond, blue-eyed, round-faced and symmetrical.
Sweeping blonde to medium hair long trend 2018
Blonde hair has always been synonymous with lust and desire, purity and chastity. At the same time, blonde hair has always suggested a softness in communication, lightness in relationships, lightness of life.
Long hair sweeps with platinum reflections
The ash blonde is one of the hottest nuances. Platinum wheels are also great. They become girls with a clear complexion, sometimes girls with a dark complexion.
Sweeping hair with platinum reflections emphasizes youthfulness and dynamism
This is the shade basic is colored, smooth, blond, no matter, the blonde shadow scan and the ashy magic are always good and attract the eye.
Hair scan with blonde accents, natural effect
Feistes brown hair platinum glare
Let’s get back to the classic blonde shade and the golden yellow colour of blonde wicks. This is what works best and will be the trend forever.
Sweeping blonde shade to natural effect hair by Amber Joy
A kind of femininity © appears in the woman and a tenderness and erotic attitude appears in the man when he is with the hair of the same color and of the same type.
Sweeping blonde shadow for dark blonde hair , picture taken from behind
A touch of success and prosperity spreads to people with blond hair. You all remember Gad Elmaleh’s sketch on blonde, don’t you? He was right when he said, “Blonde is not a hair color, it’s a concept!”
Blonde shadow ray for dark blonde hair, back and profile image
Sweeping blonde shade: two different techniques to achieve a natural effect
For those who are just curious, what it is is the momentum and exactly how you do it, you have the opportunity to see more closely. Do you know that the choice of dyeing wicks is important! Nothing should be done arbitrarily, a symmetry and a sequence of steps must be respected.


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