Hi Friends! I usually harass my friends to know what they’re wearing before I start deciding what I wear lol.💕💕

I love hearing how our cultures are different. I’m old fashioned so I never wear white to a wedding ceremony regardless it’s long or short. However, generally it is acceptable for ppl to wear short white dresses. Having said that, the wedding dinner is usually a different story because the bride usually wears an evening gown or traditional outfit. I have worn white for wedding dinners where I know the bride will be wearing traditional because I know there’s no way I could be viewed as disrespectful or trying to upstage the bride as traditional outfits are in bright colours like red or pink.

We choose some our current favourite wedding guest outfits for ourselves and for each other!

You could pick out a colour from the flowers on the lilac dress & wear a lacy petticoat in that colour which would cover all the unwanted area.

my comment: Josie, you are really rocking the sexy but demure look, for sure! Dresses 1 & 2 are stunning and thanks to Sophie’s sharp eye for bringing you out of your comfort zone, the red lace look is simply magnifique! And Sophie, dresses 1 & 4 suit you beautifully! The lace overlay on #1 is extremely flattering on your bump 🙂 and I like how the dress is tapered (not wide and frumpy :)) and the length is perfect. Outfit #4 is my absolute favorite, though. The billowy sleeves and waist tie add an element of style that looks so flattering on you. Thank you for exemplifying how one can still look so beautiful and glamorous with a baby bump!

All the dresses are so pretty! Those navy ones AAHHHHH Gorgeous!!! You look amazing in them all! Id say no white but something light is fine.


Trying on 12 Amazon Prime wedding guest dresses to inspire your wedding guest outfits for Spring weddings 2019. Some of these dresses would also work well as Easter Dresses!

I’ve been shopping for an upcoming Spring wedding and I wanted to try out Amazon for affordable options under $100! I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for a new try on haul on Sunday! xoxo
my comment: Amanda, Love the clothes and how you style them! I so appreciate how you point out the good and not-so-good details of every piece—that’s exactly how I shop. One of my pet peeves about bloggers who do try-ons at lower end stores, is they never seem to address how a piece will wash and wear after several uses. There are always items that are cute and inexpensive, but I no longer want to spend my money on pieces that will look horrible after 1-2 wears, even when I hand wash & hang dry. I appreciate how you are very particular with fabrics, seams, cuts and finishes of each item. Keep up the great work!!


11 Spring Wedding Guest Dresses Under $100! | Affordable Spring/Summer Dresses!

Ooo yesss!!! Wedding season is just around the corner!! Love these selections💕💕
So fun trying on these outfits from Target!!
my comment: I absolutely love and appreciate your try-on hauls so much! As a mom, it’s so hard to get out and shop, and I struggle putting outfit pieces together. You are always so cute, look so put together, and beautiful! I’ve ordered so many things from your hauls. So thank you so much for sharing with us! 💕


I’ve heard you “shouldn’t” wear red to a wedding because it supposedly stands out too much in photos, but like red is an awesome color. I’m a fan of dark red/burgundy. I think lace would’ve been okay as long as you’re not in like light light pastel colors.

my comment: Unless I’m attending a wedding that specifies an “all-white” dress code, out of respect to the bride, I would never wear white, cream, or pale nude (ESPECIALLY not in any fabric resembling lace or satin). It may seem “old-fashioned”, but some weddings ARE extremely traditional.The closest I would come, would be to wear a soft rose/blush/blue/lilac/grey, etc. However, I DO love a beautiful black gown/jumpsuit/LBD/pantsuit for an evening wedding. I think black is always an elegant choice. It’s also important to find out what colors to avoid if you’re attending an ethnic wedding; outside of America, red & gold are often bridal colors.


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