Pleasant and relaxing, the solar garden fountain is ecological, economical and easy to install. In general, the system is driven by a pump or nozzle. The composition of this type of fountain consists of a small photovoltaic plate, a battery, a pump or nozzle and a cable that connects everything together. We have to choose the location of the sun well. It is important that the photovoltaic panel is located in a sunny location to allow continuous supply.

Pretty garden fountain

Pretty garden fountain

For more aesthetics, you can place it in a place away from your fountain. The photovoltaic collector converts the solar energy into electricity. It supplies the lighting, the pump and the motor of the fountain. Electricity can be stored in a battery during the day for use in the evening or at night.

Solar Garden Waterfall
Have you considered why the fountain is a relaxing decorative element? In reality, the river and the sound of the water convey a sense of calm and well-being. Fountains and solar waterfalls are very present in the design and decoration of Zen gardens.

Solar waterfall in rock garden
Solar garden fountain: a smart and ecological choice

Once the well has been installed all you have to do is connect everything. The photovoltaic panel connected to the pump recovers the water and brings it to the top of the well.

Plug the nozzle or pump cable into the connection box on the back of the cover, discover it, turn it on and admire your new solar well! It’s a sustainable investment. The pumps are renewable. No wires or handles required, it is easy to install. The sun’s rays let the water flow automatically. There is a whole range of garden decoration products that feed on the sun’s rays.

Solar garden stone fountain
Solar garden fountain: a smart and ecological choice

Solar garden fountain a smart and ecological choice

Decoration with solar energy is original, we use clean, sustainable and free energy! Solar energy is an inexhaustible resource. Captured it can be converted into electricity or heat. No matter where you are, renewable solar energy can be used anywhere – from the equator to the Poles! Its only limitation is the night.


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