Bed systems are better than mattresses

As one makes one’s bed, so one sleeps”, is an old wisdom. And there is a lot of truth in it, after all we spend at least a quarter of our lives in bed. The bed is therefore not only a piece of functional furniture that should also look good, but must above all provide a pleasant sleep. The latter in particular is often not the case. Tensions, restless nights and boring back pain on the following day are just a few of the after-effects that cause millions of people to suffer in everyday life.

What makes a good bed system?

In the meantime, people are talking about bed and sleep systems, because the right place to sleep does not only depend on one factor. The bed frame, the slatted frame, the mattress, any pads and the pillow all play their part. The materials used must also be breathable. Particularly in the case of allergies, we should also pay close attention to what we sleep in every day. House dust allergy sufferers, for example, are well advised to use latex mattresses.

The right sleeping system protects the spine

During sleep, the spine should be supported as much as possible in its normal form. This means that at no point should it sink in too deeply or be pushed upwards. Good mattresses therefore adapt to the weight distribution of the human body – for example, the torso is heavier than the neck and head. By the way: Even the right pillow should not be underestimated. Anyone who frequently suffers from neck tension and headaches in the morning should seek advice.

Complete system or thrown together yourself?

Complete bed systems such as the Hüsler Nest relieve you of the agony of choice – everything is coordinated here. In the example mentioned, the sleeping system consists of four parts: an insert frame as a load-bearing element, a spring element for support, the mattress made of natural latex and finally a further layer that provides a comfortable sleeping climate. It is not advisable to combine several elements from different manufacturers. For example, a good mattress alone is not worth much if it lies on an inferior slatted frame.


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