I show you 49 tips and ideas for a Scandinavian design kitchen in this must-watch manual. Scandinavian design kitchen Trends for 2020 are here. See what is new and what upgrades to include in you new kitchen. Get inspired by these trendy modern looking kitchens that are taking 2020 by a storm. Different material, colors, and lighting options with various combination are inspiring and truly lovely. These trendy kitchens pack a punch of style.

In this publication we focus on the kitchen proposals of the Norwegian furniture manufacturer Norema. The typical Scandinavian design is characterised by simplicity, discretion and functionality. The visually designed kitchens selected by us allow free movement in this central room of the house. We have concentrated on white kitchens, but you will see some models in light grey, dark and black.
Scandinavian design simple and aesthetic

This kitchen design has classic combination of colors and smart features.

Design furniture (tables and chairs, but also metal fittings) are often the accents that add the finishing touches to Norema’s creations. The manufacturer often opts for otherwise clean wood Scandinavian design. The fireplaces, which can be found in many kitchens, warm the room and contribute to the creation of a friendly atmosphere.

Scandinavian kitchen with a rustic touch

See 49 design and remodel ideas that will make your kitchen standout.

Scandinavian design kitchen. Bring home Scandinavian kitchens of your style – contemporary and traditional design combined with comfort.


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