If you want to transform your home into a more intimate and comfortable space, the partition wall is ideal. The following photos show a variety of solutions for partitioning a room. You will find partition walls made of wood, metal and fabric, but also more unusual materials such as rope or plants. Browse our selection for more inspiration!

Opt for a bedroom partition wall for more privacy
If you have neither the time nor the desire to return this. If you want to mount a wall, bedroom partitioning is the perfect option for you. It makes the apartment a very cozy place and adds originality at the same time. It’s a small budget that will help you optimise your home to your liking.

The glass partition wall offers space for your room. It is ideal to separate a part of your house while maintaining the brightness of your room.

There is a wide range of materials for partitions.
Imagine unusual solutions when you lay out your apartment

A dividing curtain is a very nice and cheap concept to separate one room from another. You can also simply choose the colour you need.

Share your living space in the form of a white curtain
This very original partition wall is not only used to separate the interior, but also for decoration. If you have such a wall, you can hang the desired decoration.



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