Today starts a new small round on the blog in which I would like to introduce our new flat to you a little bit more exactly. Meanwhile we have arrived quite well in our new home and it all feels right at first 🙂 How long it will stay that way, before it will be redesigned wildly, let’s see – but for now everything can stay the way it is.

Today I would like to give you some new insights into our dining room – for me the most important room in the whole apartment. Here we do not only spend nice hours with family and friends eating, but here I also work on my blog and prepare all DIY ideas. So the room is filled with many beautiful things that are important to me. But of course it is all the more challenging to reconcile the many different needs here.

The central element of the dining room is our large, long table. In order not only to have room for many friends, but also to be able to spread out my work, we have decided on a 2 metre long dining table made of oak with a linoleum surface. Here there is enough space for eating, handicrafts, playing & working and the hard-wearing surface of the table can withstand a lot. Thanks to the solid oak, the table is super stable and will hopefully serve us well for a long time to come.

The matching bench to the table is not only space-saving, but also perfectly suited to place the little child friends of wild Hilde one after the other. There’s no squabbling about who sits where, nor can any chairs tip over. For the wild Hilde we also have our beloved Stokke high chair which has accompanied us from the beginning.

We have a pleasant even light above the dining table thanks to the timeless, elegant pendant lamp “Donut”, which is handmade in Denmark. With our smart lighting system at home (click here for my contribution), we always have the perfect light for every mood and time of day.

Relatively freshly moved in last late autumn were my absolute dream chairs from Carl Hansen. For Paul and me it was clear for a long time that these are THE chairs we would like to live with for the next 20, 30 or maybe even 40 years. The question was only when – because design & quality have their price – in this case a really juicy one. But it should be just like that, because until the end of last year Carl Hansen celebrated his 110th anniversary and sold the beautiful classics at a special price. On such a unique occasion we had to strike, of course, and since then we have been incredibly happy every day about the not only beautiful but also very comfortable chairs.

A lot of you know I’m a big fan of pieces of furniture with history. That’s why you’ll find a lot of big and small furniture and all kinds of accessories that I’ve gotten on flea markets, eBay classifieds or simply inherited. I had been flirting with one piece of furniture for a long time: the shapely Midcentury sideboard by Danish designer Gunni Omann. In our old apartment there was simply no room for the dreamlike but quite luxurious sideboards, but now it was finally time! I think it’s just great behind our dining table and stows not only decoration of all kinds, but also tablecloths, napkins, games and a little basic equipment for the home office.

Of course, many new and old favorite items will find space on it and with the beautiful Gallery Wall over it simply a round picture. How you can put together the perfect pictures for your picture wall and how to hang them I tell you in my contribution to our DIY Gallery Wall.

The perfect addition to the soft pink tones is my new small table lamp “Flowerpot VP3”, which was designed by the Danish architect & designer Verner Panton at the end of the 60ies. It has been on my wish list for a long time and I’m always amazed how good it looks on the sideboard.

As I wrote before, the dining room is also the room where I work for my blog. Not only all kinds of office supplies like folders & printers have to go here, but also my complete handicraft equipment for my DIY projects – and that is relatively extensive.

So at the beginning we thought about how we could create as much storage space as possible without him “killing” us. Not only the cheapest but also one of the best ideas was to just buy some additional Ivar shelves from Ikea and stack them up under the ceiling (here to the Beitra


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