If you like to experiment with the latest trends in hairstyle and hair color, you have probably heard of the shady blonde , this technique of coloring that has seduced enormously from the stars of song and cinema in France, Europe and the United States.

And if you remember to take the shady blonde for a rejuvenating cure when spring comes, you probably have questions about how to get this trendy look, on the length of the hair these are suitable for such coloring and on the co cuts that are best suited for your crinière.

Ombre Blonde – Techniques and ideas of trendy hairstyles

Close-up of the shady blonde – how to get her and which hairstyles she uses

In this large folder dedicated to the shady blonde, we will try to answer all these questions. We start with a little explanation of the technique, then go over the possibilities of wearing a shady blonde with hair of different lengths and end with ideas of trendy hairstyles for everyday life, but also for more occasions. specifically, like a wedding. Here, without further ado, all this useful information and ideas of hairstyles that you can discover!

The shady blonde, a trendy color to sublimate your crini!

As the name suggests, the shaded hairstyle consists of a mixture of several shades to create a shadow effect in the area of colouring. Hair also in the nail art and even in the interior. It is very popular during the first decade of the 21st century and is one of the most popular techniques and is suitable for the most popular hairstyles currently.

Coloriage ombré in shades blondes – a little info about the technique

The shaded is also known as color graduation since the technique hair colorations result just in a gradual decay, which usually ranges from dark tones to light tones and especially from blonde in its fullness.

The shaded blonde scan enriches the shades of our skulls *

Recently, this technique was enriched by another method: sweeping, which led to “We call the Sweep o mbré blonde, which introduces slight shadows of mud on the length of the hair

How Long Hair For A Shady Maxi Effect

The sweeping Ombre Blonde enriches the shades of the shawl and brings more brilliance to a hairstyle, while an interesting effect to wear with hair of varying length, including short haircuts such as “Pixie cut”, made famous a few years ago by stars like Anne Hathaway or Emma Watson.

The Dip-Dye, a variant of the Shaded, adapted to short and medium hair

The shaded blonde is a technique that can be applied to medium or long hair, regardless of the cut selected. One of the varieties of this technique, the dip dye, which leads to a pronounced break between the two colours, produces a very interesting effect on medium length hair.

The tie and dye for a natural effect coloring and an optimal result
The tie and dye, another type of shaded blonde, also fits medium length hair and brings a more delicate result, but just as successful.


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