The wedding cake symbolizes much more than just a dessert and gives it great significance.. Looking for inspiration from mounted wedding ?

You are in the right place. We have selected for you the most unforgettable wedding cakes that can inspire more than one.

The cakes are as delicious as they are beautiful and all have a special design. Matching a classic and elegant wedding, here is a traditional proposal in white, but with a modern twist. To give it a little color or femininity, you can opt for a decoration of flowers.

Mounted wedding room to make your Fairy Account

Receptive wedding piece for a chic and elegant ambience
piece mounted wedding magic and all in color
This year the trend of the cake is mostly in color. As the heart of your reception, you don’t want the cake to be based. Sugar cakes are particularly good inside and minute decorations are made down to the smallest detail. So let the colour speak for itself.

The appearance of the cake takes a very important place.

Some cakes look so good, you just want to see them. These are very fashionable and we don’t dare touch them. Today the appearance of the cake stand is the most important thing for brides. Overlays, small details and waves will enliven any cake while it remains so delicate that you don’t want to cut it.

This cake is broken announcing the arrival of spring.

Dozens of sugar bud blossoms can turn a simple white wedding cake into a tipped piece of luscious and fresh. The sugar cake is a simple mixture of icing sugar, liquid glucose and egg white. It is durable and easy to keep. Thanks to its soft texture, it is used for decorating various pastries and cakes.

Make your own cake, it’s possible!

For future brides on a small budget, paying eight euros a piece for a wedding cake may seem outrageous. But what are the alternatives, especially if you don’t have pioneer experts in your family? It turns out that making a wedding cake is not as difficult as you might think.

Rustic cake, beautiful, simple and so good!

To realize this idea, you must first allow enough time and know that it is possible that you are going to have a problem with the details of melting for the disappointed. It should be noted that simple decorations or rustic style are easier to realize. You should use a recipe that was specially developed for a one-storey wedding cake because it must stick well under the sugar cube or glaze.

Pieces of cake mounted In chocolate, elegant down to the last detail

The dark wedding cakes are of a kind of rare elegance. This unexpected dessert is suitable for a glamorous and chic wedding celebration. With these details in gold one would believe in the process of cutting a real gemstone.

Piece mounted wedding cake in pop all colorsAngie Dudley, also known by her Bakerella name, invented the popcake in Georgia in 2008. Cake Pops are mini cakes on sticks that have become very popular, especially in the United States. They have a soft interior that usually consists of a few simple ingredients, and are then decorated to give them an original look.

Gâmégé part élégé very original cake pop cake
The pop cakes have a big advantage. They are very good and at the same time easy to eat in one bite. If you choose the cake of the above photo, you can mix a simple cake to cut it in front of the guests, underlaid with popcakes to choose the ease of consumption during.

Pop cake wedding cake with huge pieces, that’s good!

piece of assembled cabbage, delicious and romantic
Another very trendy idea is the French-inspired kitchen comfortable. The Parisian taste of delicatessen was filtered out that one can find in bakeries the idea of a cake. Choose a “croquembouche” pyramid of pastries and caramel or take the Mini Round Macaron and build an impressive tower and sweet.

Piece mounted wedding macaroons, typical French and summer gloveWe all know macaroons. Of different tastes, they are small, good and tender. Their lightness makes them more than a crack. The macaroons are based on almond powder, eggs and sugar. Inside there is a ganache to choose from. The macarons can be of any colour and are the perfect dessert for an assembled piece.


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