In a consumer society we are used to thinking that the best gifts are those that are most expensive. In fact, it is the attention and the love that are necessary to give his mother a little pleasure.

The beautiful gift of making oneself requires only imagination and a certain dose of skill. All the materials for a Mother’s Day gift can be found in shops or at home.

Mother’s Day: Gifts to make yourself

The honey made to my house can also be an original gift

Cleaning is a challenge for every mother

The colourful paper flowers are the perfect surprise for Mother’s Day. You can choose pink, yellow, white and orange. These bright colours are usually associated with spring.

Rose water – a very feminine and delicate gift

Candles are a further option for a gift to make yourself an impressive idea for the most beloved woman in the world – your mother to make an original candle for you to use a coloured cup or a transparent vase and wax.

Wax and glass are a perfect combination for Mother’s Day

You put the wax in the cup or in the vase and veiled – the gift is ready. To make the occasion even more festive, you can put a lace or ribbon on the vase. Your mother would be delighted!

Wax again, but this time the glass will be replaced by an artistic cup.

If you want to impress your mother, the day Mother’s Day, give her the most unexpected gift – a perfectly cleaned house

Original gift from Brit Co¹

This is certainly a gift that you will give yourself to make you feel great and happy. Imagine the surprise when your mother comes home from work and finds all the pills. They are in perfect condition. They are definitely an excellent choice!

Some decorative pillows that you paint yourself will delight your mother for her party, Brit Co Studio
An option as desirable as the budget, it boils. This homemade gift is wonderful and practical at the same time. Your mother will have the time to really relax and forget her obligations in the kitchen.

A little colored paper, rope, a few crystals and the case for the television itself decorated telephone is ready for you. This way she will be able to watch television, read her favorite book or just sit down and rest a little. In our busy world, it is important to find time to devote it to yourself.

A painting like no other with the help of various objects according to your wishes

A good idea for a gift to make yourself is the original vase. All you need is a glass vase and a solid pearl. Wrap the string around the vase and you will create a real art object.


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