You will soon be celebrating your wedding and you are looking for a theme for that special day? We offer the Moroccan wedding theme! Inspired by this beautiful country of North Africa, the Moroccan wedding is original, full of colours and flavours.

To begin with, we will consider the wedding dress and its appearance for a celebration inspired by Morocco. Which dress style, hairstyle and accessories for a wedding theme are oriental and romantic at the same time? Complete decoding, below!

Moroccan wedding theme for a beautiful outdoor party
Moroccan wedding theme: Which dress and which accessories for the bride?

The mermaid dress is perfect for a Moroccan wedding theme party.

Of course The classic Moroccan dress is the first option that comes to mind when we think of a wedding with a Moroccan theme. But what are the options for those who don’t want to wear such a dress? Our answer: models of long and feminine wedding dresses.

Associating a wedding dress with a feminine silhouette with oriental accessories

The variations of the wedding dress siren are ideal for a Moroccan wedding theme. They emphasize your figure and allow original oriental style decorations with pearls and sequins.

Choosing your wedding dress by season for optimal comfort during your special day.

For a more romantic look, combine this dress model with patterned lace and silver accessories. Without forgetting to choose his style of clothing according to the time of his marriage. Wear short sleeves for warm days and a small jacket for a party in spring!

Try a romantic Moroccan crown for a wedding hairstyle with short hair

Rely on this option if you have rather short hair and are wondering how to make it value for your special day.

Choose a romantic hairstyle with braided knots and emphasize the disappointment of the Moroccan-inspired dress.

If you have a long pleat, you could opt for a classic bridal hairstyle with braided knots. This hairstyle not only adds to your romantic look, but also shows your dress and its adornments.


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