You like the minimalist design with its clear lines, the simple and elegant geometry and the sense of space it creates. Your favourite colour is white and you want it to be the dominant element. Here are some ideas from the minimalist kitchen in white for you. In fact, the white colour, its reflections and its light are particularly suitable for this style.

White minimalist kitchen

White can be rejected in various ways: There is white or mat, which combines very well with wood-based materials, is preferred by those who do not like the mirror effect of light reflecting surfaces. There is also the flawless and radiant white that creates exactly this effect of light reflection. It is suitable for kitchen interiors with stainless steel furniture and equipment and metal cladding.

The untouched white design
Why not not use to create contrast a floor covering of dark granite or wood as with Kvit. You can also paint a wall in a different color. The same applies to furniture and accessories. You can add a touch of colour that dominates the white that dominates the whole. Of course, there are no fixed rules. Take a look at these pictures and you will find inspiration for your minimalist white kitchen.

Minimalist kitchen with black and white tiles

CREATING A MINIMALIST KITCHEN | clean, declutter and simplify

Today I’m sharing a peek inside my modern and minimalist kitchen. I’m also sharing 8 tips to help you clean, declutter and simplify your kitchen. My kitchen is a blend of cozy minimalist, warm modern, Scandinavian and SoCal vibes.

For most people, the kitchen is also a congregating area for the home, so decluttering, organizing and tidying up this room will naturally make you feel more at ease, calm and relaxed. And I think you’ll soon find the cleaning habits you implement in the kitchen will have a lovely way of spreading into the rest of your home. I hope you enjoy this little kitchen tour, my approach to interior design and my minimalism tips!


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