Hey Babes! It’s finally Spring and I’m diving head first in the most fun hair trend of the season. Have you seen it?

Get ready for the first days of spring and summer by spotting once now, hairstyles adapted to the season of flowers and the sun! As we saw in our last Fashion Post, the spring season will be marked by the return of chic hippie-style clothes and Bohemian outfits.

As you know, the outfit is not enough to get a full hippie or bohemian chic look: It needs to be complemented by an adapted hairstyle. And while the canvas is rich with interesting hairstyle ideas of these long hairstyles, finding models and tutorials of hairstyles for medium-haired women proves to be a somewhat difficult task. We have also decided to make your life easier by offering you a collection of styles and hairstyle tutorials to try out this season.

Medium hairstyle for spring and summer

Medium-length bohemian chic and hippie styling for a spring rejuvenation cure

Also the hairstyles Hippie and Boho Interieur Enjoy these elements of nature with a variety of accessories such as printed headbands and pliers that recall the flowers, butterflies and vibrant colors that symbolize these two seasons. And to move freely, we would do well to wear these accessories with one or two retro plaits that would go so well with a boho Chic dress!

Is your style boho? We’re breaking down the style characteristics of floppy-hat-wearing, maxi-dress-loving, So Cal-dreaming hippies who love to express their inner flower child daily. Watch and let us know if you’re boho!

Tutorial hairstyle woman short and medium hair with braid on the side

I am so happy about this hairstyle. I know it’s nothing super original, but I had to throw it into the 30 days because 1- I’ve never done a tutorial on it and 2- it’s one of those hairstyles I wear over and over and over again. This hairstyle deserves the attention haha! I love this style because it’s fast, it gets your hair out of your face and it still looks so elegant with all those pretty, loose curls! So whether you’re in a hurry to get to school or work on time, need a cute style as mom or need a fancy style to wear on a hot date or to a dance, this one fits the bill. I hope you love the tutorial!!

In spring and summer, we combine our Bohemian Chic outfits to a hairstyle woman half long hair divided into two sections: the upper part is worn in plait, which can be made at the side.

How to make a braid on the side easy for short and simple hairstyle

The braid thus produced is held by a small elastic band at the back of the head, while the other part of the hair remains free and natural.

Model of the middle hairstyle with tre Sses and hair hanging
Here’s a nice idea for those who have a cut with short hair and especially for blondes who love them © clats of the sun in their crines!

Idea of hairstyle woman middle of long hair with waves

Symmetrical or not, this type of weave can give you a charming look, ideal for a romantic evening but also for everyday use.

How to make a simple hairstyle woman with plaits and waves
If you are looking for a medium length hairstyle for a special occasion, use this basic hairstyle and enrich it with chic waves and accessories.

C oiffure simple woman with braid and wave: Boho chic style accessories idea

You can even integrate a chain to your braid and drop your blond hair around your face!

Fishtail Rope Braid for Medium Length Hair | Hair Tutorial

Learn how to fishtail braid a rope around the head for medium length hair!

Toni and Guy Professional Stylist Lo breaks down how to style this romantic updo that can be worn several ways.

Just to name a few ways you can wear this look:
– Vintage Hairstyle
– Bohemian Hairstyle
– Wedding hairstyle
– Beach Party Updo
– Red Carpet Hairstyle

How to do a Crown Braid!!! 2 EASY WAYS | Twist Me Pretty

You have always inspired me to change up my hairstyle everyday and I always get compliments about my hair due to you. Keep up the good work and keep on giving me nice hairstyles to try

Spring and Summer DIY Hairstyles

Chic and trendy hairstyle ideas you can do right at home! 2020 Spring and Summer DIY Hairstyles.

Twisted Crown Braid

Are you not in love with this hairstyle?  I think my most favorite thing about the twisted crown braid tutorial it is it takes literally five seconds to do.  Okay so not literally but definitely less than five minutes.  I love half up styles and think they work so well when your hair is at an awkward stage.  I’m still missing my side braids but for the most part when I leave it down I feel like my hair is semi-long again.  There are certain styles I still can’t do that require me to pull my side pieces back so I’ve really been gravitating towards these halo type braids, I hope you love this one as much as I do!

Quick Bun Hairstyles for Short / Medium Hair – Hair Tutorial!

Here are some quick and bun hairstyles for short and medium length hair! It’s a super duper easy hair tutorial, but hopefully it gives you some great inspo!

Here’s how to get 5 different buns on short or medium length hair. We’ve got half up half down hair styles, an updo, a braid, basically anything you could need for shoulder length hair every day or even for school. I love a hair style that you can do in 5 minutes and be out the door. Technically these are no heat hairstyles as well, so they’re even easier and great for making healthy hair.

PS, in case you missed the memo, it’s a wig! 🙂


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