Countless girls are waiting for their partners to kneel down to ask them the most important question.

Here are the best marriage proposals Designmag has selected for you.

The gentlemen stress how they will propose their marriage. There are so many ways to make this day special! There are tender and simple proposals, others very artistic and spectacular.

Marriage proposal in some extraordinary ideas
The marriage proposal is a very important step in the life of a couple.
Simplicity is an art
Sometimes you don’t have to speak to express your feelings. A sweet word on a simple sheet of paper can tell you everything. If the future bride loves discretion, it’s a very nice way to open her heart.

Early morning words of love that will change a life

Revival, the first coffee and the first contact with the world around us, in general, as will continue the rest of the day. Surprise your half by offering him a very special coffee in a cup engraved with your engagement proposal or on a spoon that will remain a souvenir for life.

A personalized gift © Who can say it all?
Ideas for marriage can be romantic and impressive. In Chicago, a gentleman proposed a marriage to his girlfriend with a personalized and hand-drawn book by an artist named The Flippist. During the holidays at the Lincoln Park Zoo Light Festival, he made his proposal.

He told his girlfriend that he would like to give him a Christmas present and then introduced him to this nice little book. After discovering all the pages, he put the engagement ring on his finger. She said yes!

How can you say no to those big eyes?
The best friend of man is the dog, says one . Why don’t you invite your best friend to take part in this important wedding day? All you have to do is invent the text that will capsize your loved one’s heart and hang around your neck.

Very sweet wedding proposal idea
No one can remain insensitive to a dolphin

Similarly, the dolphin is one of the most gentle and sensitive creatures in the world. This man chose his marriage proposal in a pool of dolphins, the dream of more than one. Arrange yourself well in advance and take his courage in hand to make this special day.

Hands in hand under the sunset

The sand, the sea, the sunset is all you dream about on a romantic trip. We all dream of a romantic holiday with half. Why not end this beautiful vacation with a beautiful marriage proposal? Just find the right time and place to ask the long-awaited question.

It is important to plan everything well
All these proposals require a lot of reflection and planning as they generally involve people other than the couple and therefore coordination is precise. It is important to keep the element of surprise alive during the arrangement in order to bring the future bride to the right place at the right time.

Romantic wedding proposal on the beach
Depending on the complexity of your unique application, you may need to start planning at least a few weeks in advance. You will agree with me that what makes the creative proposals particularly beautiful is the element of surprise behind each of them. Of course, it can be more difficult to keep the plans for days, weeks or months secret than to manage the proposal itself.

This beautiful proposal on the beach is a real work of art thing.
There are some tips that might help you keep your secret until the problem bursts. It’s a good idea to plan the proposal around a birthday or holiday. In this way, any “suspicious” behavior can be linked to a holiday event that your loved one already knows.

Seek help, there is nothing better!
It’s a good idea to ask a trusted friend to help you organize some details. If you have a good friend by your side, you may feel less pressure during the planning process and you will have more confidence in this big step. Whatever the idea of a marriage proposal may be, remember that it is normal and perfectly normal to be nervous before asking the question.

A marriage proposal is probably the biggest surprise you have ever had in your life. This is the question that will change two lives forever. With much skillful planning and creativity, you have every reason to believe that the result will be wonderful.

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