I told you about my visit to the MYCS showroom a few weeks ago and I’m really looking forward to unveiling the secret of my self-created furniture today: It has become a bookcase from the GRYD series by MYCS. And all according to my taste, with one thing above all: lots of space for books! But see for yourself what I have designed for our living room.


The nice thing about MYCS is that, thanks to the many design options, there really is something right for everyone and something suitable for every room. I didn’t really have to think long when I stepped into our huge living room for the first time.

MYCS has the right shelf for every room

On the wall next to the beautiful fireplace I imagined a big bookshelf from the very beginning, in which all our books could finally be stored. At least those that are left after the move. The idea of reading next to the crackling oven in my cosy vintage armchair in winter sounds almost like from a kitschy film – but somehow also simply beautiful! At least I couldn’t wait and wasn’t alone. Paul also painfully missed a bookshelf in our old apartment.

The space next to the stove is not suitable for an “off-the-shelf shelf”.
The area on the wall is not particularly wide, but the typical ceilings of old buildings are quite high. I would have found it more than a pity not to use the latter. In addition, there are the high skirting boards, heating pipes on the wall and an uneven floorboard – nothing to do with zero-fifteen furniture. Different with MYCS. Here I could design my shelf exactly in the width and height I imagined and cut-outs for skirting boards and heating pipes are no problem either.
Thanks to the great support in the showroom and the 3D online configurator, the planning was also done quickly. Above all, I wanted plenty of space for books and a completely open solution, as I had already planned enough storage space in the dining room. Of course, you could also add drawers or doors to the shelf for those who like it closed. Niklas, the nice product designer from the MYCS showroom, still had the idea to use some back panels and I’m very excited about the result. We chose oak back panels to match our floor and the string shelf on the opposite side. Only as far as the colour of the shelf was concerned did I really think long and hard about it (which isn’t surprising given the wide choice of colours) and after some back and forth I ended up with a classic white shelf because I just wanted to keep the room bright and airy.

Thanks to the consultation in the showroom and the online configurator, my shelf was planned in no time at all.

We had already designed the whole thing in the 3D configurator and then all I had to do was click on order and wait for my delivery. It came after just two weeks, so we even managed to set up the beautiful bookshelf before our inauguration party. Although in a night and fog action with Paul – but it stood in time and went faster than expected. The screws come beautifully packed with the instructions in a nice, fabric-covered cardboard box, so you have everything ready to start right away.

If you have any questions about how I did this or how you can make your own stuff just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you 🙂

What I noticed immediately on delivery was the weight of the individual packages – that’s pretty heavy. The individual parts, such as shelves and shelf walls are really incredibly solid – which in my opinion not only speaks for quality, but also for longevity. And even the oak back walls are much more massive than expected – nothing bends here so quickly! Just right for a bookshelf.
I for my part am really very satisfied with my new shelf and defy every movement towards EBooks – I just love books and can’t imagine doing without them. How are you doing?

All the best



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