Design furniture, 24-hour reception – was yesterday. Dirk Lehmann, travel journalist and blogger, on the stars of Generation Social Media.

BRIGITTE Woman: What makes a hotel a hip place?

Dirk Lehmann: A lobby that resembles a living room – with armchairs and sofas. A rooftop bar that offers a great view and elaborate signature cocktails. A hotel that wants to be successful must be “instagrammable”.

How do you imagine such a thing: an arrow with “Take your selfie here”?

It runs more subtly: A hotel shows certain pictures in its own instagram channel again and again. It’s about making it clear that you offer a place where others want to be.

Trend researchers say that modern luxury means putting the smartphone aside.

Mal. The smartphone is part of our identity and practical, as a city map, travel guide, camera. That’s the way it is: If the food in the hotel looks so good that you want to show it on Instagram – and it also tastes fantastic – the house has done everything right.


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