Patinated wooden furniture, steel stools, original and excessive lighting and polished concrete floor: This is the direct combination we make industrial design. Did you know what it is It is an activity that uses art and applied sciences to improve the aesthetics, functionality and usability of a product. It is a creative activity whose purpose is to create objects that are integrated throughout their life cycle.

What is an industrial-style dining chair? Often this type of design is associated with futuristic design in cities where factories operate. In reality, it is the incarnation of a scientific and rational culture embedded in creativity. We have selected 50 examples of simply inspiring industrial design and decoration for you!

Industrial style dining chair?

Dining room chair in an industrial-style interior

The Industrial Revolution has disrupted the lives of many people. It has strongly influenced the development of design. In the middle of the 19th century, the big manufacturers decided to go for the design race. It’s no longer about producing efficiently, but about combining efficiency with aesthetics. The idea is to produce products that are both aesthetically pleasing and accessible to the general public.

The most striking example is that of Michael Thornet from Austria, who sold more than 50 million prototype chairs to his famous “Bistro” chair. Since the beginning of the 20th century, artistic research has served everyday life and the social environment. The idea is to create artistic objects of practical use. In the 1930s, manufacturers quickly realized that design guaranteed success. It was also the time when several household appliances were born.

Black dining chair and industrial-style stool

Today this style is described as “one of the pillars of decoration”. It is characterised by the use of raw materials (metal, glass, wood, copper, steel, stone) and rather dark colours: Grey, black, rust, ecru, bottle green. This style is associated with an attic with brick walls, a concrete floor or a wooden floor and wooden, steel or metal furniture. It is dark and chic.

Industrial style dining room open to the living room

Industrial style is present in most modern interiors. Its presence is indicated either by small buttons or completely. The key products of industrial design are a coffee table in metal or wood, whose nuts are sometimes visible, a chair in brown or black leather. Another decoration that is very present in this interior style is the large clock that can be installed in the kitchen.


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