Unfortunately most nail salons are not sanitary. I wouldn’t risk the health of my natural nails by getting a manicure. I feel sad for my nails because I eat too much “hot chips” and most of them are red so when I eat them my fingers stay red and the chip dust also gets under my nails and won’t get off. I would love to have my nails done by Suzie, she seems like such a fun lady, really friendly, and nice to conversate with!

How To: Natural Nail Manicure

Something tells me that Suzie can sketch , draw and, paint very well . Its like the nail bed is her canvas . Ive been watching her videos like crazy . I am obsessed . Suzie is the truth and i think she is thee dopest nail artist that i have ever seen in my whole entire life !
This was super helpful in showing how to file and shape nails, I’ve always completely ignored my hands/nails and they’ve suffered for it. Trying my best to care for them now
Fun fact: what most people believe to be the cuticle is actually the eponychium, which is living tissue. The stuff you see stuck on your nails when you push the eponychium back is really the cuticle, which is dead skin.

Natural Nail Manicure ft. OPI Special Occasions Collection!

There have been a few requests for a natural nail/regular polish Mani With Me video so I’m taking a break from gel to share this gorgeous baby pink mani with you! ll of the polishes used are from the OPI Infinite Shine Line and the color is from their Special Occasions collection.

Your nails came out beautiful as always. I love pastel colors !
I love those nail colors, they are my favorites. When I do my beautiful manicures, my fingernails grow out on a monthly basis, in which I fall in love with . You should use nail strengtheners/hardeners (from Sally Hansen) like I do for your manicures so your nails doesn’t get damaged.


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