7 Easy Steps on how to find your personal style and build a new wardrobe from start to finish. Finding your style may be difficult when you are first starting out and getting to know yourself. I put together some guidelines of how I found my style. These tips go hand and hand when you’re building your wardrobe because you have to know your style in order to pick out clothes. Now your style may change overtime as it is reflected by you as a person. Once you change, your style may change too. Here are some general tips.

Here are amazing tips to look like a million dollars even on a low budget!

Having stunning style every single day is something all girls dream of. Create totally different looks for every occasion. But it’s a really hard task to achieve due to the busy everyday routine. There a lot of super-easy style and tricks. Moreover, out tips will help to change the way you look and you gonna totally like it!

All of outfit ideas are made from everyday wear clothes that are wardrobe basics! The only other thing I’d call out is to make sure all the hardware on the clothes is the same colour. That colour should align with the colour you like to wear in your jewellery. So for me my zippers, clips, belt hardware is all silver. It just makes everything look so much more polished.

Do you wanna look like a star?

show your friends how to do it! 😉

What type of clothes do you think bring out your personality?

I think we all know she can wear anything & look fab. I am definitely a jeans and t-shirt girl! I wanted to share 7 different ways that I style my go-to outfits with you from casual chic to cocktail attire.

Your personality is often a strong indicator of what type of style suits you the best. I’ve always had respect for people who do their own things when it comes to fashion that doesn’t stick to what the whole world is doing. for me personally I love to diy trendy outfits for really cheap. I recently made my own fila shirt with some fabric paint and a plain tshirt.

Well-groomed, sophisticated, and organized.

when i look at clothes i do the same thing . i literally envision myself in it. Love all your outfits ♡

She always seems genuinely interested and informed. Hope you continue to do more of these.

This may sounds stupid but a staple of mine is a really nice flowy long skirt! I love styling a nice colourful long skirt with a black cami for the summer time!

Every little princess will find the hairstyle that suits her taste!

Direct, confident, and independent.

SO helpful! Simple, but ridiculously stylish, put together and looks effortless. Perfect if you want to create a minimalistic closet … I feel like the more clothes you have, the more difficult it is to choose an outfit. I was looking for minimalist cabinets that really bring inspiration.

I literally heard you say two words: Girl is great

You can turn your extra long pants into cute shorts by lifting them up and then turning them inside out.

Friendly, casual, and athletic.


Romantic, empathetic, and sensitive.

It can be difficult to know what to wear in spring as we transition from cold to warmer weather and suddenly some clothing feels not quite right.

Most of these tips can be done without purchasing anything and just use what you already have in your closet.

Bold, open-minded, enjoys life to the fullest.

Gizem takes you on a tour of the fashion emporium to discover bootleg jeans, broderie anglaise tops and floral seersucker coords that will see you through the season, and beyond, in style. 🙂

Creative, laid-back, and unconventional.

Whether the outfit is dressy or casual, a blazer always seems to work!


You will always look good with handpicked clothing for your unique size and style.

Quick tips
1. Remember that you can wear what you want
2. Body type
a. See what look you’re going for, and how you want the clothes to fit your body.
3. Inspiration
a. Find inspiration from the internet and your surroundings
4. Knowing what you like and don’t like
5. Starting and styling your wardrobe

What Style Of Fashion Suits You The Most?

Here’s a look at my more casual streetwear outfits for this Fall Winter Season.


  1. You look amazing as always and all of those dresses look great on you. I think the flowy dress is the prettiest, reminds of of the way water flows. I hope you’re having a great summer. Here it’s been hot and rainy, on the plus side, everything’s really green.


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