When it comes to building a small apartment, Ikea is now being considered. And that is where you have to go. At Ikea we find clever ideas and tips for storing multifunctional furniture designed specifically for smaller quantities of small apartments. Of particular interest is the collection of very small furnished rooms that we present to you. It is a real exhibition with original ideas that can show us how to approach the small space.

Here is a very small stay. At first sight this room looks really small, we only have room for a sofa and a TV. But the clever approach of the Swedish designer has much more to offer. We have not just one, but two relaxation areas where we can watch TV, play video games, and we also have plenty of room for books.
Small living room with TV and shelves

The small bedroom is also very original. The cupboard without doors limits clutter and you can move more freely. We gain here more space for our business, without restricting the movement in space. We also gain height towards the ceiling and make our small apartment more viable.

Wardrobe without doors

When you are in a collocation or you are alive, several worries occur. How can you share a small apartment while keeping your privacy? In addition, we often double the business, each time separately, because we are not all maids. Ikea offers multifunctional and multifunctional furniture that can serve as a partition between two private rooms and independent storage. Of course, the bunk beds are very practical in this configuration.

Small apartment in collocation
The small kitchen of Ikea is also very comfortable and full of tricks. It encourages us to connect vertically. Take a look at these open shelves. The same goes for higher cupboards that we don’t always need.

The small kitchen

A very small bathroom can become a magic trick. Take a look at this device, which even has a bathtub and a washing machine, without losing the feeling that we are too tight. The curtain plays a crucial role here – it hides the storage space for bathers. You have everything you need to design your small home.



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