There Is! The 40 and 50 are back in full swing. We find them in fashion, in music but also in hairstyle. If you are a Rockabilly pendant, this article is for you.

1940’s / 50’s Pinup Hair and Makeup

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Today we show you some examples of pin-up hairstyles that are all as sexy as glamorous to adopt every day or evening. Get inspired by the 50s by trying out these unusual 10 hairstyles.

Hairstyle pin up in some Rockabilly style suggestions

What’s the pin-up haircut?

The pin-up, or Rockabilly, was inspired by the Rock’n Roll lifestyle of the 50s and 60s and paid tribute to Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. This culture takes us into the years of loud music, retro cars, swing and blues. This is the time of rebellious people who appropriated their own style. We love everything from fashion Pin Up! She is happy and full of colors! And Pin-Up-Hair is one of them.
The pin-up hairstyle goes just as well with long hair as it does with short hair. There is a large selection of hairstyles. When we think pin-up, we always refer to Victory rollers or so-called horn rollers at the top of the head. Apart from that is a hairstyle after the war. Before they were a term for hairstyles, the Victory reels served as combat jet maneuvers.

Small tutorial about the famous Victory reels
Speaking of victory rolls, wouldn’t you be curious to try? There are different techniques for making victory rolls. They differ from each other, but the principle remains the same – the winding. Don’t worry, we will guide you. To have perfect horn rolls, you need:

-a comb
-a hair varnish
-iron to loop
-two pliers

Start by shaving your hair so that you can then straighten your hair. Then separate your hair into two main parts. Now is the time to loosen the iron and wrap each part backwards. Secure them with pliers. As soon as it is finished, peel your hair and crumple it with your brush in the opposite direction. The purpose of the crepe is to give your hair volume. Finally, all you have to do is wrap your hair in your head and fix it with a few pins. Don’t forget to spray your varnishing rollers so that your hairstyle lasts longer.

Did you know that women in the 19th century styled their hair? Victory rolls with pins and big rolls before going to bed? Obviously it is much easier today with the curling iron or dry hair.

To have a successful pin-up hairstyle, it is most important to bring volume into your hair. Do not hesitate to use mousse or hairspray. The suicide roll is also a typical hairstyle of the 50 ‘. Glamorous and vintage, it only takes a few minutes. Feel free to watch the video tutorial above.

All the hairstyles you have just seen are ideal to accompany you both in everyday life and in the evening. If you master this style, you can also do this type of hairstyle at your Rockabilly wedding.

6 PIN UP looks for BEGINNERS ( QUICK and EASY VINTAGE/ RETRO hairstyles) – Fitfully Vintage

It’s mainly about the front section of your hair in this video, but then some about the sides, some about accessories, some about the back, okay, so its about all of your hair BUT whatever, the styles are easily acheiveable, require little skill ad are uber quick to do. I think, and hey, it’s only my opinion but, I think they give an INSTANT pin up look. So, if you are just trying out a new pin up or vintage look and are still trying to get to grips with the, let’s face it, relatively complicated hairstyling then this might be the video for you.

HOW TO roll VICTORY ROLLS 6 DIFFERENT ways – Fitfully Vintage

When I first started doing my hair in vintage styles I couldn’t roll a victory roll for toffee. It was VERY frustrating because the V roll is so intrinsic to many vintage hair dos. As with many things I learnt that there is not just one way to roll but a whole plethora of ways to get your hair into a way that looks pretty much authentic.

Still today, after many years of doing my hair this way I sometimes cant get it right the first time and need to employ a different technique to get the look that I want. I’ve worked out that I usually roll 1 of 6 different ways and I have filmed them today for you just in case you haven’t seen some of them before.

Hair isn’t the most important thing in the world but, sometimes knowing you have a super cool ‘do’ can make you smile and that can only be a good thing right?

Welcome to Vintagious, here, in my own litttle corner of Youtube I will show you how to create beautiful hairstyles from all eras. Sure, my main focus is on simple vintage hairstyling but I also love easy modern styles.

Rockabilly PinUp Hair In 5 Minutes!

I don’t have a favourite era, it changes all the time. One day it’ll be Edwardian hairstyles that I’m all over, the next, pinup girl hair, the next I’ll be all about Greek Goddesses and their crazy Barnets!

I just love it all!


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