The garden bench is a garden furniture that is a simple element, but can become very functional. This quality makes it an indispensable piece of comfort in your garden. It is a piece of furniture that must be chosen with great care, as it can be crucial for the ambience and aesthetics of your outdoor design. Discover our selection of fifty examples of garden benches functional and design. Make your choice!

Garden benches for sunny days

What do your outdoor spaces say about your style? It’s an area perfect for infusing some of your personality.

Garden benches for sunny days

Sixey garden and steel garden benches

Garden benches for sunny days

The simple shape of the bank allows several configurations. You can place it next to your table, in the middle of the garden or on your terrace. The materials offered for garden benches vary. Coated foam, polymer resin, aluminium, steel, wrought iron and of course wood. In order to maintain harmony, the choice of bench should, from an aesthetic point of view, correspond to the style intended for your home.

The choice of materials can be made according to the aesthetics and style of the ambient design, price and resistance. In general, the wood maintains a constant temperature, while the metal heats and cools very quickly. Concrete, marble and stone remain cold. Discover our selection and find the bench that suits you best.

Garden benches for sunny days

Shanghai Resin Garden Bench
Garden benches for sunny days
This white garden bench was made by the company Vondom. Based in Italy, the company is renowned in the world of design, production and marketing of designer furniture. Their passion is design. She collaborates with a number of world class designers: Stefano Giovannoni, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, Javier Mariscal, Karim Rashid and others. The design of the bench is by Karim Rashid

Design Garden bench, Vondom

This garden bench is very conceptual. It is made of wood covered with leather and marble. The company Kreoo designs bathroom furniture and design garden. The motor of their design is creativity. This company was founded in 2010. Since then it has been an important player on the market for conceptual furniture.

Kreoo Concept Paver Logic Garden Bench

The company Fermob manufactures designer garden furniture from coloured metal. This company is particularly interested in ecological design. Its activities promote sustainable development and respect for the environment. Metal, steel and aluminium are the main materials used in the production of Fermob furniture. Metal is one of the materials that benefits from a very well organised recycling cycle worldwide. The colours used to achieve this fascinating and original effect are not harmful to health. They are also recycled and recyclable.

Garden bench with backrest by Fermob, designed by Juliette Liberman

Garden furniture with foam coating

Functional garden bench “Romeo and Juliet” by Extremis

Creative and functional garden bench

Garden bench made of steel and wood with integrated plant container

Wooden garden bench: a beautiful classic

2×4 friendship / garden bench

This is a 2×4 garden bench that was painted and installed at an elementary school as a friendship bench.

DIY Modern Outdoor Sofa

In this video, I made a DIY modern outdoor sofa. From 4 by 4 lumber.

How to Build Garden Bench with a Hidden Storage Compartment

How to make a quick, easy, and inexpensive garden bench.

I used the same design except changed the Arm rest , seat and back boards to 5/4 deck boards. I also increased the width from 48 in to 54 inches (the back rest 51In) and finally made the top back board the same length as the seat boards so it extends a bit and then rounded it off. Looks great and was easy to build. Thanks again.

Garden Bench Build With Free Model and Cutlist

I made this garden bench for a local wedding venue and I thought that I would give SketchUp a try and make a model of the build. Well, it was a success and I’m hoping that this video along with the model and the cutlist, will help ya’ll build a bench of your own!

DIY Wooden Bench

In this video, I am showing you how to build a wooden bench. It is very comfy and I think it looks great as well! It does have some “advanced” joinery in it, but I think it will be fine for most people.


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