What is the difference between a folding couch and a sofa bed?

This question is not easy to answer. The folding couch is folded down to sleep and only then fulfils its function as a sleeping accommodation. But this is also the case with a sofa bed. It serves both for sitting and lying down just like a folding couch. The serious difference is that the folding couch is lighter, can also be folded up and up much more easily than a conventional bed sofa and you normally don’t even notice that the folding couch is also a sleeping opportunity when folded up.

The sofa bed is more comfortable for sleeping

From the point of view of the suspension, a great deal of importance was attached to a sofa bed so that when sleeping the comfort is comparable to a bed. So if you need a daily variation of seating furniture and sleeping accommodation, for example for yourself, because the apartment only offers limited space for furniture, it would be better to buy a sofa bed instead of a folding couch. This can also be the case if such a folding bed is very often to be used for overnight stays by dear visitors. The fact is that on a folding couch, where the back section and the seat are differently upholstered, you always have surfaces that can be a little too soft or a little too hard to sleep on. This is different with a sofa bed, because the priorities are different during manufacture.

The folding couch for spontaneous overnight stays

The folding couch is always the better alternative for the sleeping accommodations that can be folded up and down when it is only occasionally needed for spontaneously staying overnight guests. The bed is easily and quickly folded down and can then be used as a bed for the night. Otherwise, the appearance of a folding couch is almost always preferable to that of a bed sofa, because you don’t even see the bed function.


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