Exotic tart is an original idea to make your wedding a unique event. Wedding cake is the obligatory dessert for this special occasion.

At the same time, a beautiful tropical cake is Deco Original.

It impresses everyone with its romantic design!

Exotic wedding cake for a romantic day

Contain decorative figures associated with love for the design of the wedding cake

Brown sugar mimics the sand perfectly. The beach is transported directly on your cake!

The wedding cake is the focus of attention at the end of the celebrations. New brides are filmed next to a large or small cake, almost always decorated with tiny birds, shoelaces and chocolate figures symbolizing love.

Today we present you some ideas of the exotic wedding cake. Tropical flowers, blowholes, starfish, shells, palm leaves are the character elements of the Caribbean exoticism and Hawaii.

Tropical flowers are essential to an exotic look at your wedding cakeAn exotic wedding cake is the perfect choice for those who marry the months of summer. a sense of freedom that one associates with the long days by the sea. The nonchalant chic of this cake is wonderful! So, the exotic wedding cake, what is it?

Wedding cake exotic small needs more decorations to be remarkable and truly festiveSmall and unique decoration of a chic exotic cake retro

The base of the wedding cake is usually white, beige, pink or light blue. This is because these colours are quite neutral and delicate. Such a font is ideal for highlighting the beauty of the decorations on the cake!

Traditional flowers like roses give this kind of cake a classic chic
Four tropical flowers and a few leaves decorate this simple and beautiful wedding cake.

They are most common in bright colors such as red, purple, orange, yellow, etc.. These shades are attractive and festive. Sometimes the base of the wedding cake is dark and the decorations are clear to form a delightful contrast . The mixture of dark and light colors is elegant and provocative!

A waterfall of flowers is an original idea for a unique weddingTropical flowers are essential to give your wedding cake an exotic look. Porcelain Rose, Alpinia, Anthurium, Hibiscus, Bird of Paradise are most preferred by new brides because of their eccentric shapes. In addition, it seems that these colorful flowers make the rainbow sparkle – “Heaven. Their decorative effect is excellent! If you can’t find them, you can opt for artificial tropical flowers. They are a good choice for the high temperatures of summer.

The symbols of the sea create a tropical atmosphere. They are the stars of the sea, the seahorses, the clams.

The rays of the sun dry the natural flowers and the abament. Their appearance changes. If you want an exotic wedding cake, artificial flowers are practical and beautiful at the same time. It is up to you to decide how to arrange them on the cake.

Palm leaves are the character elements of the Caribbean and Hawaiian exoticism.
The abundant decoration contains many large flowers on the cake. A waterfall of flowers is an original idea for a unique wedding. The flowers cover only a part of the wedding cake.

Figures symbolizing the love of the couple are the perfect decoration for a tropical cake. Another way to arrange the tropical flowers is to concentrate them on the base or on the cake. Use other enchanting decorations such as tropical bird feathers. It can be parrots, tropical doves, cockatoos ….

Porcelain Rose, Alpinia, Anthurium, Hibiscus, Bird of Paradise are the favorites made by new brides because of their eccentric shapes They form a romantic combination with the tropical flowers. A few classic roses, placed here and there between the other decorations and laces, round off the chic look of the dessert. The wedding cake is also vintage and tropical!


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