Today we have again a sewing idea for you, which is perfect as a small gift for birth: Sew a DIY cuddle monster! It works without any pattern and goes in no time at all! And with this little monster we would like to draw your attention to the campaign “Creative for children”.

Monster Softie Pattern Free How to

Monster Softie Pattern Free How to

Angel shows you how to make this adorable monster softie toy. Design your own with three body types and multiple horn and eye options the possibilities are endless!

Pattern used in this tutorial can be found here –fleece-fun-Design-a-Monster

Sewing cuddly monsters without a pattern
DIY cuddly monsters sew without pattern – gift idea for birth – sewing ideas for children

Our last creative fever team trip went once across Holland – to eat beschuit met muisjes, play in the sandbox and sway sweet baby! Maike and I visited a dear friend and her little family. In the luggage we had a small cuddly monster as a gift for the birth – and a very personal one. Inspiration for the monster was a small figure that our friend used for her coaching work with children. I sewed it from leftovers from the hooded towel (instructions here) that the big brother got. Under the instructions you will find a first hint to the action “Creative for children” – have a look, because you can also participate!

Sewing cuddly monsters – that’s what you need
Colored fabric leftovers for applications – frog fabric is sold out, here you can find a similar one
Frog fabric*

Neutral substance for the face
Fabric painting pencil* black
Filling wadding (best washable, like this*)
Sewing machine, scissors, thread and pin
How to do it – sew cuddly monsters
DIY Cuddle Monster Sewing Without Cut Pattern—Paper Sketches Cuddle Monster Design

First, draw a monster template on a piece of paper. I didn’t do it true to scale, but just made a small sketch to orient myself. Next, I drew a monster body on the terry cloth and cut it out with a seam allowance of about 1 cm. Put the pattern again on the fabric and cut out the back.

I then pre-cut all applications from paper and checked if the size fits: A face, a heart for the back and a cogwheel. Of course you can replace the cogwheel – it was very important for our personal monster!

Next, paint the face with the fabric pencil and possibly write a signature on the small heart. Iron the fabric according to instructions.

Then the sewing can start. I stuck all the appliqués and then stitched them all around with a very tight zigzag stitch. Then lay the front and back with the beautiful sides on top of each other, stitch with a straight seam once all around and leave only a small turning opening open. Turn, stuff, close the opening – that’s the little monster!

Creative fever Creative for children with Decorize

And in line with this idea, we would like to draw your attention to a campaign that will start in the coming weeks together with Decorize and many dear blogger colleagues: Creative for children! Moni and Steffi explain to you exactly what their blog is about and we want to give you the short version:

For several years now, the Initiative Handarbeit has been working together with the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafeln e.V. to promote the good campaign “Creative for Children” and against child poverty. The campaign supports the Tafeln in USA, SOS Children’s Villages in Austria and Berghilfe, Tafel and Schweizer Caritas in Switzerland. “Everyone does what they can” is the motto under which girls and boys from economically disadvantaged families can knit, crochet and sew or work in any other way. Whether fashionable accessories, funny cuddly toys, socks or warm sweaters: the creative help arrives, because the self-made donations are collected by the Initiative Handarbeit until the end of August and distributed in USA by the boards in the region.

This means that you too can take part and give away a small piece of homemade happiness. Together with many dear blogger colleagues we are also there and hope we can infect you to be there. Click over to the girls of Decorize for the exact procedure!

How to Design a Cuddle Monster Softy Toy

Angel of Fleece Fun shares her tutorial and pattern for “Design a Monster” softies! These cute monsters are just a few examples of the hundreds of different variations you can make of these adorable little creatures. Angel uses our Cuddle Cakes Very Vibrant Dimple Precuts Pack

How to Make a Sock Doll, DIY dolls from socks (2 socks style)

A very detailed instruction to make a beautiful doll using socks.

How to make a yarn/wool dog. Shih Tzu

In this video I will show you how to make a dog out of yarn/wool. It is an easy craft. A beautiful Shih Tzu dog.
DIY Poodle/Poodle Yarn Craft/How to make a Poodle with small pompoms
DIY Poodle/Poodle Yarn Craft. This video will show you how to make a poodle with small pompoms.
Materials: Yarn, 3 toilet rolls, glue, paper, duct tape, scissors, 3 black beads, piece of felt, ribbon, tweezers

Let’s go, dear creatives!!!!


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