Since I showed our new bedroom for the first time (here’s the long way to the article), many requests have reached me about how I made our headboard. So today we have the instructions for the headboard made of leather straps and pillows for comfortable reading & netflix lessons in the evening.
After so many of you have asked me on Instagram about our textiles & furniture, I have made you a short summary. The instructions for the head of the bed can be found directly afterwards.

Our bed – solid wood & variable
I can really say I love our bed! It is not only beautiful puristic but also incredibly well thought out. You can pull it in and out like an accordion and get any size between 90 cm and 180 cm – the perfect bed to grow with! We had used it before our daughter was born in the width 140 cm, meanwhile we have arrived at 180 cm. In addition, it consists of untreated solid wood and without screws & Co – perfect for healthy sleep and really sustainable!

Our lamps – variable all-rounders
Our bedside lamps have been living with us for a while now and I still love them. The timeless design pieces can not only be hung at any height, but can also swivel the head. We now use them with the Philips Hue lamps – that’s just perfect. If you want to know more, have a look at my article about the DIY wall mounts made of wood – there’s not only the manual, but also a lot of information about the smart light sources.

Our home textiles
With our home textiles I simply love linen & muslin at the moment – especially the muslin bedspread and the linen bed linen really appealed to me. And while I’m writing it, I notice that our curtains are also made of linen. I have mine from Vossberg, but since they are sold out at the moment, these linen curtains might be interesting for you as well. Our bedspread with the serrated pattern is also from Vossberg. A really great small Hamburg family business.

Materials and tools
You don’t really need much for the beautiful homemade headboard. The most important are of course the leather straps, which I ordered here in a length of 2m. When it comes to pillows, I used 40cm x 80cm pillows with a wool filling (they keep their shape relatively well) – but there are of course other formats and fillings conceivable. Maybe you already have some pillows for this purpose at home. As always, you can find all further information in my profile.

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