Little by little our new apartment becomes more and more our new, homely home! Our new picture gallery in the dining room has made a big contribution to this! I am still very happy every time I enter the room and see the many beautiful pictures. It’s crazy what beautiful pictures and works of art can cause feelings of happiness!

So that you can also find the right wall art for you, I’m not only presenting my tips & tricks for hanging a Gallery Wall together with JUNIQE today, but I’ll also reveal my favourite pictures, which you can of course find in the huge selection of posters at JUNIQE.


1. picture selection and the right frame

In order to create your very own personal picture gallery, it is first and foremost important that each individual picture meets your taste exactly and is not only selected according to the furnishing of your home. Especially if the pictures evoke different emotions and memories in you and at best just make you happy when you look at them, you have probably already made the right choice intuitively.

It can be in a harmonious color spectrum (like my selection of different black and white shades with muted nude colors) or it can be very trendy with contrasting, rich colors. Whether a style mix of photography, watercolor and typography or linear with only black / white posters. A lot is possible here. Personally, I find a picture gallery all the more exciting, the more I dare in terms of contrasts and controlled style breaks.

If you want to be inspired in terms of image selection, you can simply take a look at the beautiful image sets from JUNIQE.

Our in-house curators have already put together beautiful, harmonious picture sets that can be ordered immediately as a package!
The picture sets are available for different living and furnishing styles and can either be delivered directly to your home or serve as a source of inspiration for your personal picture wall. I really enjoyed clicking through the beautiful Gallery Walls here.

The framing of a wide range of pictures can be just as varied and use different frames and sizes for the artwork. With the straight, ordered variant, it can be meaningful always the same frame and the same size of the work of art to use.

The darker the wall colour on which your Gallery Wall will hang later, the better the pictures can look, for example, with a generous white passe-partout. In bright rooms with a rather clean Scandinavian design, black frames create beautiful contrasts.

2. the arrangement of the picture gallery

There are different types of hanging that you can use to help you with the arrangement.

It becomes quite straightforward when you hang the pictures, for example, in a strict grid with a fixed distance between the pictures or in a row, i.e. oriented at the top, bottom or middle axis.

It becomes more varied and courageous, for example, with the Petersburg hanging or a loose grid. Here the pictures are also aligned to axes, e.g. at a crossroads, but much is allowed with the loose style.

It is best to spread the pictures out on the ground in advance.
Then you can push back and forth until you get a nice overall picture. I climbed the ladder again and again and photographed my intermediate results from above. Thus I could compare the different possible arrangements at the end with each other and decide much more easily.

3. now it’s time to get down to business: the wall fixing

If the concept stands for your picture gallery it goes to the wall.

I always find it difficult to find the right height when hanging pictures. A tip from the experts here is to use eye level as a rule of thumb. With a picture wall it offers for example the following:

Set the lower third of the main picture of the Gallery Wall to approximately the own eye level.

Before you pull out the drill, it can be useful to attach the outlines of the picture to the wall with paint crepe. This not only allows you to see whether the overall picture is still consistent on the wall, but the more precisely you glue the outlines, the easier it will be to mark the drill holes later. Therefore I first marked the center of the picture on the tape and from there I am x cm downwards – depending on how far the suspension is from the frame.

In our old building it is essential to test the walls with regard to pipes. I always do this with a metal detector. Simply drive over the wall and as long as everything remains green, the drilling can begin.


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