Spring on the table! Tender spring arrangement with flower bulbs, ranucleae & Co. for the table
The sun has been shining more and more often in Hamburg during the last days and lets us hope for spring – of course it is still too early for that, but at least on the table we had a nice table arrangement with tender spring flowers this weekend.

For once, the arrangement didn’t spring from my thoughts, but was thought up by floristry master Dominique Herold. At a workshop of Blume2000 as part of the apprenticeship here in Hamburg last weekend, I was allowed to do the whole thing myself under guidance and today I’ll tell you how you can design the beautiful spring-like flower arrangement for your table!

Materials and tools
For the beautiful arrangement, it needs something more than beautiful flowering. A small multiplex plate (can be cut directly in the DIY store – mine is about 30cm x 10cm x 1.5cm), plug wire with a diameter of about 1.8mm, eight small glass tubes / test tubes (mine are about 8cm high), architectural paper, a drill with a 2mm wood drill, a pair of wire pliers, flower scissors and some tape.

Of course you can use whatever flowers you like. In my arrangement are:

little roses,
Freesias and
little muscaria onions.

How to make them yourself

Knowing how, the delicate spring arrangement is quite simply self-made:

Drill the board: Drill a total of 18 holes into the wooden board. Drill eight holes in the middle of the board in a zigzag, the remaining ten on the outside (one hole each on the short side & four on the long side).
Shorten the plug wire: Shorten the plug wire to about 15cm and put it into the eight central holes.
Attach the test tubes: Attach the test tubes to the eight wires with tape.
Fasten the architect’s paper: Insert the remaining ten plug-in wires into the drilled holes, tear the architect’s paper into strips about 3 cm wide, crumple them up and then fold them into an accordion-like fold, then insert them into the ten outer plug-in wires and fan them out.

Insert the jasmine: Fill all test tubes with water and put a few longer twigs of jasmine into the test tubes and wind through the wires and architect’s paper.
Insert flowers: Finally, simply shorten the flowers of your choice to the correct length and distribute them in the test tubes. Put the Muscari onions on the outer wires and you’re done!
Florist’s advice: a table arrangement should not be higher than 30cm, so that you can also talk.


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