Today there’s a little trick 17 DIY. We’ll show you how to do a great manicure without sitting in the nail studio for hours. All you need is a tiny piece of masking tape and clear varnish.

Polkadot Nailart – dots on your fingernails in a few minutes

Don’t worry, dear ones, I didn’t mutate into a beauty blogger overnight and I still haven’t seen a nail studio from the inside. I would never have thought that I would write a post with the title Polkadot Nailart. I owe it to a bit of boredom (or to be honest a bit of procrastination) and a bowl of masking tape standing decoratively on my desk. And there I suddenly had an idea again, which I saw on some blog at a photo question friday round in summer (I don’t know where anymore, please contact me dear inventor, then I link you here) and I had fingernails with dots. Now I actually have to bake cupcakes, then I can present them as perfectly manicured as Miss Klein, who I really admire for the fact that the nail polish always matches the pastry. My hands usually fit to the last DIY project (i.e. colorful and scratched) and are therefore rarely seen here. But today I make the exception!

Little dots fingernails – that’s how it works
You need

Maskingtape (mine is this one*)
clear lacquer
Cut out a small rectangle of masking tape and then work one side with the scissors until it is slightly round and corresponds to your respective nail bed. Stick the tape on the nail and cut the upper side along the nail edge. If necessary cut something to size and press firmly. The tape already holds well on the nails, so that you can glue all nails of one hand before you brush everything generously with one or two layers of clear varnish. Then you are already finished. And if you need an extra portion of good mood, you can add a layer of glitter!

Oh and of course it doesn’t always have to be dots… depending on what your Maskingtape stock is made of!

Have a nice day,


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