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Be ALWAYS CUTE and Fashionable with these simple and FUN Fashion DIYs. Watch this fun post to find out how you can repurpose your old clothes! ALWAYS be fashionable! Reuse your old clothes and transform them into new and trendy items in your closet!

If you’re a cheap ho like me and would rather diy than buy, you’ve stumbled across the perfect new post. A lot of trendy clothes on instagram are either sold out or cost an arm, leg and your soul so I wanted to bring you some simple tutorials that are perfect for summer!

I love these with no sew, really helps me a lot bc I don’t have a machine yet and girl you explain so well!!!
The belt shoe thing is such a brilliant idea; maybe add some rhinestones or pearls on the buckle, then they would look so cute. I’ll do this with all my ugly shoes. i looooove the first one & id love to wear it but my boobs are just way too big for stuff like this :´)

Jumping back into my diy flow with some really easy and simple clothing hacks! Instead of throwing out outdated boring clothes, I want to show you a few simple ways of how you can transform them into something new!

Stay here for fun and more DIY, hope you found something you can experience here!

DIY Transform your jeans ! From low waist to high waist

Tutorial DIY, transform your jeans from low waist to high waist, easy. Convert your old jeans into trendy new ones!
Sewing tutorial to make the trouser throw longer !

For this tutorial you need a little bit strechy pants or not thight pants. As you are going to raise the pants, from the hip to the waist, the length of the pants will go up.


10 THRIFT STORE DIYS | Ripped Jeans, Cropped Shirts, Distressed Dress

Who else loves transforming thrift clothes?! 🙋 I do too so today I’m showing you how I remake thrift store clothing. Lets crop shirts, distress jeans and make some awesome dress 👕👖 Like


I’m finally back my rosebuds! I love revamping clothes to give it a new purpose in life (or just in one’s closet lol). I wanted to challenge myself by recreating Instagram-baddie inspired clothes from men’s clothing!

They gave me some very nice flared pants, but they’re too long … you gave me a very good idea! For me, who recycles almost nothing and always wants to buy new things, this is ideal, thanks.

20 ways to style a WHITE T-SHIRT | spring outfit ideas

I’m showing you 20 of my favorite ways to style a white t-shirt! These are a for more water weather so you can take all of these tips throughout the spring and summer.


Alex you are the only one that i can “really” relate to. You dress modest and still stylish. I really take ideas for my outfits from your videos. I so wish I had seen this before heading out the door today omg, I could’ve used that trick with the boots

10 Fashion Hacks UNDER 1 MINUTE | Quick & Easy No Sewing!

What bras I wear, how to tuck in your sweaters, how to make thigh high boots stay up… and more! 10 easy and quick fashion hacks under 1 minute, no sewing required!
The best hack I know is to tuck into your bra the edge of large sweatshirts to make them shorter

Which DIY will you try next?
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