The kitchen is one of the most complicated rooms to be decorated in the house. Designing a designer kitchen with a central island is a difficult task for many people. Today we want to help you cook your dreams by giving you some tips and practical tips. Read them before you decide to design this room. And even if there is no universal formula for designing a designer kitchen with a central island, there are things to think about before you start working.

Designer with central island by Cesar Arredamenti

For many of us the kitchen is not perfect without a small island in the middle. The Kitchenless has become the icon of the modern kitchen – the contemporary equivalent of the kitchen fireplace of the old world. And it is not difficult to understand why. Above all, the kitchen island is a very practical accessory – it can be accessed from all sides of the room and is perfect for a variety of kitchen tasks. Not to mention that this freestanding space immediately becomes the focal point of our kitchen, as the island resembles a beautiful piece of furniture rather than a functional accessory.

Design kitchen with central kitchen island in grey

The kitchen with the central island must first and foremost be functional. On the central island you can organise your kitchen more easily as you can install the dishwasher and waste bin and store your crockery, towels and accessories. The island will also be used for preparing meals and cooking and can also play the role of a bar for eating.

Modern kitchen in light wood

[19659009] It is true that the kitchen with the central island needs some space. It is best not to install an island if you have too small a kitchen. With this furniture you will save a lot of storage space in your kitchen. On the outside of the island you can install flat cupboards or drawers for your cutlery, napkins or tablecloths. On the inside of the island you can store the items you need to prepare and cook your meals.

Design kitchen with practical central island by Cesar Arredamenti

Light is also very important for your kitchen with a central island. You need to make sure you have enough light to illuminate the countertops. The most common option is the recessed luminaire. The height of the island also plays a role in the design of your kitchen. The islets at different heights are very practical as they serve as a dining table and storage space and make your kitchen more original.

Kitchen decoration with central inset


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