Decorative wallpaper has always been fashionable, but today we are increasingly opting for interior design. This is not surprising when we consider the variety of wallpapers available in shops. Today you can easily rework the entire decor of the house with wallpaper – the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the children’s room and even the bathroom. There is something for everyone and for every age. The advantage of modern wallpapers is that they are usually not very expensive and very easy to wash and maintain.

Decorative floral wallpaper in a cozy living room
Place decorative wallpaper wherever you like. There is no general rule, but it is still necessary to pay attention to the colours and textures that must go well with the rest of the interior. The problem with wallpapers as decoration is that we often do too much – too many textures, too many patterns or too many colours in the same room.

A completely red living room with paper
Another possibility is the choice of striped wallpaper. It is generally preferred for bedrooms and children’s rooms. This wallpaper model is not only beautiful and modern, but also creates a warm atmosphere. If you prefer a minimalist design, choose a monochrome wallpaper. To achieve a more modern effect, choose a striking relief wallpaper. What you can also do is to attach wallpaper to a wall of the room. So you can create a beautiful design space in your free time.

Design lounge in white, grey and black and a wallpaper wall

Where does the wallpaper come from and why is it still fashionable to decorate one’s interior? Decorative wallpaper comes from China and although it is called painted, it has always been printed. With the development of printing, the wealth of model variety has exploded. Initially, only the nobles used the beauty of this wall decoration, but gradually, and especially in the 20th century, people all over the world discovered the advantages of this tapestry, which is easy to put on, take off, wash and maintain. So much so that people have been putting it in bathrooms for quite some time without worrying about the humidity in the room, which could end up removing wallpaper from the wall.

Modern Bathroom Wallpapers

There is always a difference between wallpapers that decorate the most chic places and the most common wallpapers, excellent for our homes, corridors etc. The style of a place can result from the choice of its decorative wallpaper. The ornament printed on paper alone can determine the style of a whole place. We refer to the logos of certain luxury brands which, when placed on wallpaper, indicate the type of place and the standard of the public who will visit it.

Deco de chambre en rose et noir Also, the wallpaper can serve as a backdrop. A beautiful decor will never succeed if the wallpaper does not come to its aid. Like the conclusion of any work, wallpaper is the conclusion of a stylish decoration and design. Thus the wallpaper in its decorative function adds the finishing touch to any furniture store to decorate a particular room. This final touch allows the storage to be given its uniform frame.

Living room decoration with red wallpaper


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