Our children are our most valuable property. Their peace and happiness come first for us. It is also important to be in a safe environment, as well as being peaceful and happy at home. Of course, all mothers and fathers endeavour to create the most beautiful and most pleasant room in order to be able to please their children without sparing no expense.

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They attach great importance to the design of their rooms, which will take an important place in their lives both in youth, childhood and adulthood. Because being an individual and freedom adventure begins exactly from his or her own room.  Even if it is just as important as a design, or even set aside, actually, the most important part of this system is security.

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The realization of a safe settlement for the child’s room is very important in preventing undesirable accidents and injuries. First of all, the baby room should be furnished with good quality materials. Being materials high quality and long life is important both for the health of your baby and enabling you as parents not to spend much money. In addition, the position of the crib or cot which the baby will spend most of the hisher time in is also very important.

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There should be absolutely no window next to the bed and also should not be located at a point where the air flow is strong. The bed will be positioned in the most accurate and safest way in this way. At the same time, the bed is not wheeled, stopping it will be one of the right choices

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It is important to provide easy ventilation in the room at the same time, the room can easily take the daylight is also very important in the healthy development of your baby. If the height of the windows is less than 150 centimetres from the ground, placing the security lock on the windows will be one of the things to be done. When it comes to the sockets, preferring  the  covered  models will prevent your baby from interfering with the finger here.

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Besides, the decoration products in the space do not have sharp and sharp corners there are also plenty of mattresses in places against various falls are among the things to be done. Finally, you should take care not to have a carpet in your baby’s room. Because the carpet has dust holding feature, even if it is cleaned, your baby will be adversely affected by the dirt and dust clinging to the carpet.

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