Are you looking for a theme for your wedding in spring or summer? We recommend you to adopt a romantic decorative wedding in pastel colours. It’s a holiday party that fits perfectly into the spring and summer season and allows you to spend a truly unforgettable day, indoors or out.

The romantic wedding in pastel shades relies on soft and feminine colours. It is characterized by the use of flowers and accessories in pink, mint green, yellow, blue or purple. All this creates a light and poetic atmosphere, ideal for a wedding day between April and July. August

Deco romantic wedding – our ideas for an unforgettable pastel wedding

Decorative romantic wedding in pastel shades: where do you start to organize an unforgettable party?

The romantic decorative wedding combines the colours pink, blue, green and purple.

To make a romantic wedding day in pastel colors, you have two choices. The first is to set on a single pastel shade, such as a sweet pink decoration. The second would be to use a palette of two or more colors, like pink and mint green or pink and purple.

Choosing the Right Wedding Dress for Pastel Wedding


Your first task would therefore be to decide which colors you would like to prefer for your romantic wedding morale. The choice you make depends on your personal preferences, but also on the season, the ideas of your cherry, the flowers of the season …

The wedding dress patterns are inspired by the beauty of the season
Once you have chosen © The colors for your romantic wedding theme, you can go to the choice of wedding dress. To fulfill the decency for pastel wedding, the model of the dress should match the colors you have privileged. You can choose a dress in pale pink, mint green or another similar colour. You can also choose a floral print dress inspired by the Bohemian wedding theme.

Which bridal hairstyle for a romantic theme wedding? The bridal hairstyle would also be associated with the theme of the romantic wedding. The easiest way to harmonize your hairstyle with deco pastel wedding would be to integrate a floral accessory.

The roll with a floral crown for an ultra feminine look and very softThe romantic wedding decoration in pastel colours is the perfect opportunity to test a feminine hairstyle with a classic roll and a floral crown. If you choose this option, you should combine the flowers with your outfit and bridal bouquet.


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