Marriage is one of the most important moments in our lives. Who doesn’t dream of a romantic wedding in nature? Take a look at these few stunning wedding ideas.

When we talk about rural style, we always refer to wood, flowers, plants and lace.

No matter what date you choose, you can adapt your wedding celebration to the season in which this important event will take place. If you choose autumn, you can choose orange and brown colours, straw and seasonal flowers.

Deco Land Wedding – everything you need for your decoration

Decorative wedding field in the colours of autumn

Bouquet of paper flowers in a chic country house style

Decoc wedding spring field and sweet in colors

With the arrival of spring and the first on a warm and sunny day you can enjoy your chic outdoor wedding to enjoy the beautiful weather. This is an ideal season to escape the intense temperatures typical of the summer season. Choose the soft colours that give your wedding a fresh atmosphere.

Decorate your wedding naturally and entirely in color

Country style weddings are often influenced by nature around us. When planning a wedding, try to find a suitable location for this style. So you can integrate nature into your interior. Choose seasonal flowers that you can arrange in simple bottles and hang on the tree next door for a flaming effect. You can use them with a range of jute.

Original idea of decorating wedding land for your table hanging

Often the simplest decoration is the best. Take an example of this cutlery in the photo above. Just wrap white towels, decorate them with the jute string and integrate flowers to your taste and style. You can place them next to each plate or in a pot in the middle of the table.

Idea deco in harmony with nature

Wood is an easy to use material for all kinds of decorations, you can turn it into wooden frames to write messages for guests. anywhere, even with puzzles in the form of games.

Ambianc The romantic field for a natural decoration

Presentation of original and rustic cakes
Here is another way to use the natural beauty of wood for your cake stand. You can arrange pieces of wood from trees of different sizes to create a beautiful multi-level background that can also be used for your cupcakes and desserts.


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