A wooden coffee table can be found in almost every living room

In addition to a comfortable sofa and the comfortable reading armchair, a coffee table rounds off the living room. Not only can it be a real eye-catcher, but it is also a faithful and practical “companion” for an extended television evening. Because all the things you need in the immediate vicinity of the seating furniture are placed on it: the remote control, your favourite book, the TV magazine or the snacks, without which the cosy evening at home would only be half as nice.


The coffee table in Mediterranean furnishing style

The coffee table is available in a wide range of sizes and designs, although wooden coffee tables are still the absolute bestsellers. In German households, the Mediterranean furnishing style plays a major role and can be most authentically imitated with wicker or rattan furniture. Together with friendly and bright wall colours as well as a few “holiday souvenirs” you can bring the sun of the south into your own four walls in this way. Coffee tables made of old wood blend harmoniously into this ambience, as they can be combined with many other colours and materials due to their simple appearance.

The wooden coffee table is a real all-rounder.

Of course, their field of application is not only limited to the Mediterranean furnishing style, a country house style or colonial style is also enriched by wooden coffee tables. Of course, these should be adapted to the design of the other furniture, which should not be difficult nowadays with the large selection. Parking extras, such as drawers or compartments in the coffee table, create additional storage space in the living room and can help to keep order. Remote control and other things are also always at hand when you place them on or in the coffee table.

The most beautiful coffee table models made of wood



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