Bohemian wedding, it is the dream of many couples who prepare their festive day. Chic chic is essential for celebrations! Bohemians are known for their taste for freedom.
Their personalities are related to the romance and friendliness of nature.
That’s why they choose a look that seems rather careless. Flowers are a key element for the bohemian style. They are present in the chic chic, dress and costume of the new brides and often even in the woman’s hairstyle!
Chic chic for an unforgettable bohemian wedding
Delicate Tiara With Small Crystals Is An Ideal Option For Bohemian Wedding
The Bohemians opt for a look that seems more born glient, half brooke and steven photography
Normally the lady’s hair is wavy for a romantic appearance. The tiara decorated with flowers is the absolute hit for the bohemian wedding!
The long veil is a wonderful accessory for the romantic bohemian, Cass Bird.
There are two types of deco chic for the bohemian hairstyle of the woman who is getting married. These are small flowers in neutral colours like beige, white or light pink and large flowers in light tones – for example red, orange, purple.
Wedding dresses for the 2017-2018 season are inspired by the Bohemian Chic simple
The first ones are for the tenderest ladies. The others are suitable for bohemians who like to impress others. What both types have in common is the feminine bohemian style – nonchalant and elegant.
Brown is a natural colour, which has been created by Bohemian men.
The delicate tiara with small crystals and pearls is also an option for brides. The Bohemian wedding dress and dress are essential elements associated with the party. They are the main decorations for new brides. Therefore, it is necessary to choose them very carefully.
The vest or straps dark brown leather for a look determined male 1965
The dress is usually made of a light material such as flax or organic cotton. The shoulders, neck and back are partially open for a sexy but not vulgar appearance. Floral designs are often used for Bohemian dresses.

Bouquets are natural and easily arranged, Natalie Bray Photography¹
Bohemians love nature for the feeling of freedom

The wedding clothes of the Boho man they are also made of light materials. Leather, however, is added for a masculine look. The vest or straps made of dark brown or brown leather have become almost indispensable for the Bohemian wedding style for men.

The floral decorated tiara is the absolute hit for Boho wedding me, Out of Hand Photography
They are usually decorated with a cute bouquet of flowers identical to that of a woman. The hat is preferred by artistic men who want to assert their original character.


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