With its box spring beds, the bed and home textile specialist Sun Garden is not only fully in line with the trend, but also brings a bit of luxury into the home with an excellent price-performance ratio. Boxspring beds have long been a preferred type of bed in the USA, Canada and Scandinavia, and have been attracting an increasing number of fans in Germany for some years now. Sun Garden was one of the initiators of this trend with its high-quality box spring beds. Not without reason you will find box spring beds from Sun Garden in many hotels. They are easy to clean, offer a healthy basis for a restful sleep and convince by their elegant appearance.

From Stockholm to Dubai the box spring beds are called as follows
You don’t have to go on a trip around the world to buy a Sun Garden box spring bed you can buy it here at Markenschlaf. The Sun Garden box spring bed collection bears the name of many large cities such as Stockholm, New York, Paris and Berlin. It is above all the materials used and the technology behind the quality of these box spring beds. The core piece is a 7-zone pocket spring mattress. Depending on the design and zone, the wire thicknesses are between 1.6 and 2.0 mm and the number of turns is 6.5. The mattresses are reversible and the toppers consist of high-quality viscoelastic foam core. On the lying surface there is an elastic double cloth made of 100 % polyester. If you like it a little more comfortable, you won’t want to get up from the Dubai box spring bed anymore. The base frames of the showpiece of the Sun Garden range can be easily adjusted to the ideal height and inclination by means of a motor.

The new Sun Garden box spring bed collection BX 150 and BX 300
The new collection of box spring beds from Sun Garden bears the simple name BX – but neither the design nor the technology behind these beds is simple. This collection has the subtitle “a little piece of luxury for the home”. Modern design is complemented by simple care, comfortable lying and an elegant appearance. The three-layer structure (underframe, mattress and topper) guarantees maximum lying comfort. The high lying surface protects the joints when getting in and out. Here, too, a 7-zone pocket spring mattress is used and, with its point elasticity, support function and good room climate, offers a restful and healthy sleep.


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